Jewels for Moon Babes

loca luna jewelry


Loca Luna, a finely handcrafted jewelry label dedicated to those who have an endless love affair with the moon and everything it represents.

Loca Luna Jewelry was born celebrating those who seek romance and dare to adventure under the moonlight into a magical dream world. We celebrate the messy, complicated, and wild souls who refuse to be ordinary and who fear not the darkness after dusk. We believe that each collection has its particular remembrance due to the art of hand-craftsmanship and each collection’s individual story.

 Natalia Colichon is a South American designer based in Brisbane, Australia. With a family of creative talents, she was born to be a creator of beauty.

Natalia created Loca Luna Jewellery a year after graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her stubborn curiosity of the unknown led her to roam different corners of the world in which she has collected memories that have flourished into the shapes of delicate artifacts. Throughout her explorations, she has studied various techniques and designs that have helped her cultivate a singular style.

For Natalia, fine jewelry should be elegant and exceptionally crafted. Her goal is for her jewelry to be worn and never taken off. Fine metals and precious stones that will be transformed into timeless pieces for the wild woman.

Always reflecting a special place from a particular time in Natalia’s world wanderings, these pieces have been designed with the receiver in mind. The woman that find they are bound by no place, those that find home is everywhere.

  • Akmar Stud Earrings Gold // Loca Luna Jewelry

    59.00 49.00
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  • Akmar Stud Earrings Silver // Loca Luna Jewelry

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  • Crescent Moon Crystal Ring Gold // Loca Luna Jewelry

    49.00 25.00
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  • Crescent Moon Ring Crystal Silver // Loca Luna Jewelry

    35.00 19.00
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  • Mama Quilla Earrings Silver // Loca Luna Jewelry

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  • Moon Calendar Choker Necklace Gold // Loca Luna Jewelry

    180.00 119.00
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  • Moon Phases Necklace gold // Loca Luna Jewelry

    119.00 99.00
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  • The Senay Choker Necklace silver // Loca Luna Jewelry

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