7 Chakra Bracelet // Anna Michielan


Awaken your inner guru with this bracelet made of healing stones that can balance and harmonize your energy body.

Complimented with a small Rudraksha bead. Hindu mythology named these beads “Tears of Lord  Shiva”

Materials and Dimensions: 4mm stones, silver 925, Amethyst, Aventurine, Carnelian, Citrine, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Rudraksha, Turquoise.

  • small = “15 cm
  • medium = “16 cm
  • large = “17 cm

We would like to advise you that due to our jewelry being handmade we are very careful with our production process, yet our jewelry can sometimes come with little adjustments. Handmade items are always imperfectly perfect.



Heal, Grow and Create Your Aspirations.

Anna Michielan creates jewels with passion. The handmade Crystal Jewellery is made for your life, spirit and wellbeing with the finest quality gemstones and is designed to balance your energies and bring out your inner beauty.

Anna Michielan channels her exclusive healing jewellery collection through her own spiritual practice and meditation. She receives the blessing and benefit of the crystals herself and she shares this gift with many others. You can implement the jewellery pieces as a tool to heal, protect, enhance and transform energies.

Anna’s heart’s desire is to touch your soul and embrace your future with positive intentions.

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