Magick Yuletide Gift Guide

The alternative Christmas Gift Guide for 2020

Welcome to my Yuletide Magick Gift Guide, full of fantastical delights, cheeky treats and magick mysteries to uncover. The season of gifting is upon us and if you are ready for a gift list that doesn’t include the usual Christmas gifts of anti-ageing serum, socks, watches, wine subscriptions, and personalised family mugs, then get ready for some quirky suggestions.

Keep scrolling till your thumb hurts to behold my magick gift suggestions:

  • For yourself. Why not? This way you get exactly what you want. Yay!
  • For that friend who loves to dabble with a little magick
  • For your anxiety-riddled, sleep-deprived, burnt-out BFF
  • For your Foxy Lover
  • For the man who thinks he has everything (he doesn’t)
  • For your friend who’s looking for love
  • For your mother-in-law who needs to calm the f**k down
House of Formlab red berries

For yourself.

Why not? This way you get exactly what you want. Yay!

Do you need to power your office vibes and ward off arseholes? Then I recommend The Office Crystal Magick Kit (see below). It is a carefully curated selection of crystals to help you feel grounded, dispel electromagnetic smog from your computer, help you communicate, bring you success and good luck in your work, and of course dispel arseholes.

Maybe you fancy a bit of deluxe self-care gifting this year. After all its been a doozy of a year. If you feel like exploring your psychic abilities then you could treat yourself to the uber-luxe Soul Cards Tarot by the renowned (and amazingly beautiful soul) Kristine Fredheim. They come in Black, Pink and Limited Edition White Dhalia, all with rich golden illustrations and edging.

If you prefer your Jewels with a touch of spirituality and crystal magick then how about an Inner Power or Protection bracelet by Nafsu by Studio Paras? Hand-made in Bali these Indian style pieces are made of gold, silver and sapphires and crafted to last a lifetime.

House of Formlab pine

For that friend who loves to dabble with a little magick.

Build your own kit for the witch or wizard in your life so that they can practice their white magick at the next full moon. Here are my top picks for magick tools you can gift and I know would be gratefully received:

House of Formlab red berries

For your anxiety-riddled, sleep-deprived, burnt-out BFF.

If you have a friend who needs to recover from their first, second or whatever number burn-out, then our Recovery Crystal Magick Kit, is just the balm they need for their troubled soul and to begin the healing process.

Is your friend sleepy AF? Then it’s time for some intervention of the crystal kind. Our hand-blended Sleepy AF Smudge Spray contains Amethyst crystals, Sandalwood, Lavander and Pink Grapefruit essential oils for an alternative to the usual Lavender pillow sprays. If it’s not just a lack of sleep they are suffering from but also a dash of anxiety (or a giant wave of it), then they could be in need of a little something from our Bye Bye Anxiety Collection to ease the tension, calm the panic, and breathe freely again.

House of Formlab green leaf branch and red berry

For your Foxy Lover.

Looking to drop a sexy hint? Get ready to amp up your creative lovemaking and general artistry with our Carnelian (lustful crystal), Bergamot, and Mandarin Creative Juice Smudge Spray. Made with organic essential oils and a touch of lovin’ magick, it was recently featured in Harper’s Bazaar (we were so proud). Get your motor running!

Relight the flames of passion with attraction inducing incense for the boudoir. Use Patchouli for initiating sexy time and Nag Champa to increase stimulation. Just don’t set the sheets on fire 😉

House of Formlab red Berries

For the man who thinks he has everything (he doesn’t).

Now for the obligatory “man who has everything,” gift list. Mine is with a difference. No wine or whiskey subscriptions, novelty aprons, and socks here. Just some magick, which starts with a question…What does he really need?

  • Some masculine mojo and self-confidence = Tiger’s Eye Meditation Stone
  • Good luck, prosperity and success at work = Pyrite Cube or a Crystal Magick Money Kit with a real (un-heat treated) Citrine to guide money into his wallet
  • A foray into his psychic abilities = A Pendulum (which will keep him occupied for hours) or his first Tarot Deck. The Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Deck designed by artists Linnea Gits and Peter Dunham of USSI is a deluxe, heirloom choice.
  • A decadent and unique piece of decor he can show off to his friends = Hand-made, large Brass Skull from Bali
House of Formlab Green Branch

For your friend who’s looking for love.

Do they need to entice a new, rich lover with our Jezebel Anointing Oil? Cast a spell with one of our Love Spell Candles? Or simply remember that they are already loved with a Rose Quartz Heart?

If they want to attract new love and wear their heart on their metaphysical sleeve then the magick Attract Love Bracelet with Rose Quartz by one of the worlds best mala makers Anna Michielan is the helping hand they need. To leave a trail of enchantment in their wake as they waft through the office, shops or socially distanced event, then our secret recipe molecular 01 Eau de Perfum, is exactly what they need.

House of Formlab Red Berries

For your mother-in-law who needs to calm the f**k down.

And finally, wether your in-laws are generally high-strung or just a little nuts with Christmas dinner stress, then our Calm & Balance Crystal Kit (as featured in Women’s Health magazine) will restore harmony to the proceedings. It’s also super thoughtful which will gain you brownie points.

If Christmas is causing you to lose your sh*t then maybe get one for yourself too.

House of Formlab Pine Branch and red berry

and kiss 2020 goodbye

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