Crystal Magick Candle // The Nymph’s Pool


Hidden deep in the lush forest a Nymph is crouched on a moss-covered stone gazing deeply into the sparkling milky pool before her. This is a sacred, spiritual place, known only to the enchanted folks of old. The pool gently glows, casting out shadows between the ancient trees.

“Gather around the pool of milky light. Keep your kinfolk near, in sight. The night will pass, no harm befell. Sleep soundly my fae, the darkness dispel.”

Visit this magical place. Gaze into its depths and allow the sparkling liquid to take you to a higher spiritual plane and offer you its enchanted protection. Be drawn into the dark forest with foraged ripe Dewberries and Elderberries, feel comforted with mother earth’s Milk and Honey, then float away on a pool of Dreamtime Lavender.

A glittering Amethyst Druzy crystal is perched at the edge of an organic soy wax milky pool, that will sparkle when lit by flame. This deeply spiritual stone will transport you to a safe place, shower you in fairy magic, bringing you joy and radiantly positive energy.

The perfect gift for yourself or magic loving friend. Ideal for meditation, intention setting and helping you drift off into a safe and enchanted slumber. (Comes with a House of Formlab Ritual Scroll ..)

Each bewitching candle is handmade and comes in a delicate lidded ribbed glass bowl. The hand-poured soy wax contains essential oils and high-grade fragrance oils. All our soy wax is 100% from sustainable sources. Each candle contains a completely unique crystal and ritual scroll. If you would like me to personally set intentions on the candle, please email after you place your order.


Magick Ingredients:

  • A Druzy (Spiritual) Amethyst Crystal Point
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Dewberry Fragrance Oil
  • Elderberry Concentrated Oil
  • Oat, Milk & Honey Fragrance Oil
  • 125ml Eco Soy Wax 
  • Crystal Candle Jar 14 cm x 9.5 cm

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For the first burn make sure that you keep the flame alight for about one hour to allow the wax to melt right to the edge of the glass jar. This should avoid the wax from tunneling.

Candles are a fire hazard, obviously. Place on a heat resistant surface in a safe location away from fabric furnishings and where they can’t be knocked over. Keep the space ventilated and the candle out of the reach of children.