Make A(gate) Wish


Make a Wish

We have procured a handful of these fabulous Agate Geodes. There’s something magical about writing your wish on a piece of paper, fold it, pop it inside the geode and tie it around firmly.



Aside from the gentle rebalancing properties of Agate, Red Eye agate helps to draw in new and exciting energy into your life. Connected to the Root Chakra it is filled with creative and fiery energy, a true stone for warriors.

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Long held by the Babylonians as a ward to dispel the evil eye, agate was thought by the Egyptians to protect the bearer from natural disasters aligning with the Persians belief that it could help you whether the oncoming storm.

Agate is a very soft, gentle, healing stone with delicate vibrations to rebalance your yin and yang. If you need to find your inner confidence, speak your mind or take on tough challenges then Agate is the quiet power source that will guide and soothe, helping you to overcome what’s holding you back.

We will intuitively pick your crystal for you. To do this we speak aloud your name, ask the universe which stone you need, and make the best selection for you personally.

All crystals at my house are hand-picked by me, with a focus on their energy and beauty. Each crystal is cleansed and charged under the moonlight & it comes with its own information and care scroll.

At House of Formlab, we always try to source our crystals in an ethically minded way. We only choose high-quality pieces and work with trusted and reputable suppliers who also take ethics in the crystal supply chain very seriously.

With love and crystal infused blessings,

Madame Formtastica

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