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Crystal Shower Steamers // Focus


This sharp, tangy, seductive potion from our alchemists’ workbench will enthrall your senses and focus your mind.

With clean crisp notes of Peppermint and Lemon essential oils, this is a punchy mix for those who need to sweep out old thoughts, sharpen the mind, retain facts and get their game face on! Use before exams, presentations or just a busy day to get the best performance out of your brain. 

This hand mixed potion is water activated so that the essential oils are released into your shower steam as you bathe. Their aromatherapy properties are absorbed into the body through the respiratory system. The careful blend of Peppermint and Lemon Essential oil will boost concentration, focus, and alertness. It will take the edge of anxiety, bring you greater clarity and reduce stress. The all natural, secret blend, is infused with Quartz Crystal powered water to bless your home and charge your energy.

Each set of 8 steamers comes with a moon energy infused Malachite Crystal, a stone to help stimulate clear thinking and memory retention.

Place one shower steamer about a foot length away from the direct stream of water in the shower and let it sizzle! Each set of steamers comes with a beautifully crafted instruction scroll with information about the ritual, the alchemy, and the crystals. 


  • 8 Shower Steamers 
  • 1 Malachite Crystal in a pouch
  • Printed instructions, rolled into a scroll 
  • Comes in a giftbox

The perfect work or study aid!

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