Confused? Us too. But here are some FAQs that may answer some of your questions.

How many pieces of each item are available?

Many of our items are unique, handmade products. That means stocks are limited or items are one-of-a-kind.

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide!

I received my item but it looks different than on the website?

Because our items are often unique, handmade objects, each product may have slight variations. [specified in article 4]

Why has the price of an item gone up?

Because our items are often handmade, we are subject to changes in the price of materials. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes the price of an item can go up. [specified in article 10] With our crystal products we use a wide range of suppliers so prices will vary.

Are all prices including BTW/VAT?

Yes, all products are including your local BTW/VAT rate calculated at checkout.


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