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Dive into MOON MAGICK with my quick guide. It’s your easy, fun way to rock a Full Moon Ritual. Manifest, release, and connect – all in a snap. Perfect for the modern mystic on the go.

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My Crystals

Consciously sourced, hand-picked and rare gems. Accompanied by in-depth guides & info so they may become part of your everyday rituals. Premium Quality.

Indie Decks

Proudly offering the most unique collection of Tarot and Oracle decks in Europe. If you’re collecting the rarest of cards, you’ve found the right house.

Book of Magick

In-depth and magickal guides, rituals and potions to enhance each stage of the spiritual journey. For absolute newcomers and seasoned witches alike.

Tarot Reading

Seeking clarity or direction? Book a reading tailored for you. Online or in-person, experience genuine guidance that speaks directly to your journey.


Ah, serendipity or a well-cast spell, your mystical path has led you here! Are you on a quest for wisdom? Feeling all alone on your spiritual journey? Aspiring to be a confident witch star, radiant as the full moon’s embrace? Join us, and together we’ll navigate the labyrinth of magick, uncover the philosopher’s stone of your potential, and transform you into a spiritual powerhouse!


And invite you to delve deep into my extensive magickal archives.
You are sure to find something to satisfy your spiritual needs among the guides, potions, spells, and rituals I have written for wizards and witches of all levels.

The Abundance Mindset

Ready to rewrite your story from scarcity to abundance?

A Supreme Love Spell

Vibe with a love that truly matches the deepest wishes of your heart

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Pendulums for Guidance

Unlock the secrets of your pendulum with this quick guide


Are you yearning for answers from the spiritual realm? Whether it’s about love, your career, or your soul’s purpose, the cards hold the key to all your questions. Why not schedule a tarot reading with us, either online or in-person in Amsterdam? We’re here to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos for you!


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