Private Mentorship

666.00 / month

Picture this: an exclusive one-on-one journey with me, Madame Formtastica, as your guide. You get the best of the best—bi-weekly coaching calls, daily availability via DM, and top-tier access to the Coven.

What are you dreaming of? Whether it’s finding love, growing your business, or boosting your spiritual life, I am here to guide you. When you’re aiming to become a lightworker, I am your go-to resource for unlocking your full potential.

This is a golden ticket to your best self. So, why wait? This is your chance—grab it now.

Available by application to ensure the best fit. Contact me to schedule a call and discuss further. Scroll down to read the fine print.


Do you dream of one-on-one coaching with Madame Formtastica? Picture me as your guide, available when inspiration strikes (and, of course, when I am awake!).

Here’s what you’ll receive:

Bi-weekly coaching calls to keep your magical path illuminated
Daily DMs for that sprinkle of extra guidance
Exclusive access to my Coven

Have a grand vision? Whether it’s finding love, launching a business, or taking your spirituality to the next level, Madame Formtastica is your key to unlocking those dreams. Enjoy one-on-one sessions on your rituals; I will share my innermost secrets. This journey will be tailor-made just for you!

So, what exactly is a coven?

My online Coven is designed to foster a sense of unity and spiritual growth. A sanctuary where you can freely explore your spirituality and connect with like-minded souls, guided by the HOF’s head witch herself, Madame Formtastica.


And guess what? You won’t have to stumble through the magical maze alone! I’ll be your trusty guide, offering support and guidance every step of the way. Think of me as your magical GPS, helping you navigate through spells, rituals, and even those pesky enchanted forest shortcuts.


Let me summarize the “Mystic Maven” membership for you.

  • Work directly with me as your guide
  • Bi-weekly coaching calls
  • Daily DM access
  • Exclusive access to the vibrant online coven
  • A supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your spiritual journey
  • Monthly curated themes inspired by seasons and spiritual events
  • Theme-based spells, rituals, and manifestations crafted by Madame Formtastica
  • Access to an ever-growing archive of previous rituals to revisit and deepen your practice
  • Live check-ins for exploring the theme, card readings and Q&A sessions
  • Dive into in-depth courses and how-to guides on various aspects of magick, expanding your knowledge and skills
  • Level up your skills with exclusive masterclasses led by renowned experts.
  • Explore my comprehensive crystal library, discovering the spiritual properties and uses of crystals.
  • Curated playlists for enhancing your rituals with healing, love, abundance, protection, and more.
  • Exclusive perks, first dibs on unique crystals, discounts, and special offers.
  • This membership is designed for both seasoned sorceresses and baby witches alike.
  • Available on desktop, iOS & Android app

Ascend to unparalleled magical heights with exclusive one-on-one access to Madame Formtastica. Take action now, because this is your sign!

With your guides cheering you on and offering a cosmic high-five, you are ready to conquer this cosmic escapade like an absolute boss babe!

Madame Formtastica

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