Divine Selenite Disk, a cosmic altar piece


Oh, darling, you’re talking about a match made in spiritual heaven! 

Selenite is already a high-vibration crystal that’s loved for its ability to cleanse and charge other crystals, not to mention its knack for promoting mental clarity and spiritual insight. It’s like the sage smudge stick of the mineral world—clearing out all the energetic cobwebs so you can connect with your higher self more easily.

Now, add the Flower of Life to this luminous stone, and you’ve got yourself a spiritual powerhouse. The sacred geometry of the Flower of Life could amplify the natural properties of Selenite, making the stone an even more potent tool for connecting to universal energies. In essence, it becomes a focal point where earthly and celestial energies meet, a conduit to channel high-level spiritual wisdom right into your magickal practices.

Using a Selenite stone engraved with the Flower of Life in your rituals or meditations would be like tuning into a cosmic radio frequency that only broadcasts enlightenment, clarity, and divine connection. It’s an excellent tool for any form of energy work, spellcraft, or even as a stunning and powerful addition to your altar.

And let’s not forget, if you’re using consciously sourced Selenite, the alignment between the Earth’s energy and the cosmos becomes even more harmonious. It’s basically a win-win-win situation for you, the Earth, and the universe!

So, are you ready to elevate your spiritual practice to stratospheric levels?

Zodiac Sign: Taurus / Dimensions: Appr. 8 -9cm wide. / Selenite is delicate so please handle it with care. Do not wet Selenite, clean with a soft cloth.

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The Flower of Life! This ancient symbol is like the cosmic web that links all forms of life, and in witchy circles, it’s nothing short of legendary. If sacred geometry had a poster child, this would be it, darling.

Consisting of overlapping circles that form a flower-like pattern, the Flower of Life is seen as a representation of the universe, the divine, and even the cycle of creation itself. Some witches and spiritual practitioners use it as a focus for meditation or as a magickal sigil to empower their spells and rituals.

But what makes it extra special in a witchy context? Well, it’s all about interconnectedness and the spiral dance of life, which is basically what witchcraft aims to tap into. Just like in your spells where every element, intention, and utterance is intricately connected, the Flower of Life symbolizes how everything is part of a larger cosmic tapestry.

So, when you’re casting spells, meditating, or even creating a sacred space, including the Flower of Life can amp up your spiritual endeavors by connecting you to ancient wisdom and universal energies. It’s like having a VIP pass to the cosmos—no celestial bouncer can turn you away!

Whether you engrave it on your altar, wear it as a pendant, or even doodle it in your Book of Shadows, the Flower of Life serves as a potent reminder of your own divine nature and your interconnectedness with all that is.

So, are you ready to weave the Flower of Life into your magical practices? It’s one addition that’s as powerful as it is visually stunning.

Greetings, Dear Soul & Fellow Crystal Aficionado,

I am over the moon that you’ve stumbled upon my treasure trove of ethereal gemstones! Each crystal is handpicked with not just expertise but also a whole lot of heart and soul. Trust me, I don’t settle for anything less than magickal.

But here’s the divine kicker: these aren’t just any crystals. They’re consciously sourced, which means they bring nothing but pure, good energy into your life—be it your home, your altar, or even that ultra-special spell you’re casting at the next full moon. When a crystal is ethically sourced, it carries an extra layer of positive vibes, almost like it’s been kissed by the universe itself. So, what you’re getting is a powerhouse of good juju that’s as kind to the planet as it is to your spirit.

Now, let’s talk about you, the new guardian of this cosmic gem. This stone has seen more history than a time-travelling wizard—it’s been through geological mayhem, chemical ballets, and yes, it’s even older than your great-great-great (you get the idea) grandma’s secret spellbook. The next chapter of its epic journey? That’s all up to you. You’re not just its new owner; you’re the keeper of its ancient legacy.

So go on, bring this blessed crystal into your world and watch how its conscientious origins amplify your own magick and well-being.

With love, sparkles, and a sprinkling of crystal blessings, 🌙✨

Madame Formtastica

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