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Snake Wand // by Momo of Mercurious Designs


I put a spell on you, and now your mine!

I think this wand could cast its magick on anyone. A rare beauty, hand-crafted by the master maker and magician himself Momo, founder and creative genius behind Mercurious Designs. It is elegantly crafted in brass and silver, yet its complex details and gemstones add to its charm and radiantly powerful energy. Prepare to be smitten with this wand.

This beautiful wand has a hand-cast Sterling Silver python snake head at one end representing the source of life and primal energy. If a snake spirit animal appears in your life it means that important changes are ahead so keep manifesting your vision. At the other end is a Diamantina Lazer Quartz from the Diamantina Mine in Minas Gerais in Brazil, which is used for cutting away negative emotions, patterns of behaviour, attachments, or people.

Slithering their way along the brass shaft of the wand are snakes, a pentagram, and an ankh, all hand-made in Sterling Silver. The wand is also set with carefully curated gems: Pyrite for solar energy to enhance your magick and draw in abundance; Moldavite to bring forth transformation and change; Bumblebee Jasper to dispel negative energy and keep you focused on your spiritual evolution; Boulder Opal for pure energy and to enhance your own aura; and a Star Garnet to enhance your unique creative thinking and develop your mystic skills.

This piece is sold but if you are looking for a wand that will captivate you for a lifetime send us a message to have one made especially for you.


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Mercurious Designs

My dear friend Momo is a real magician, rock star craftsman, and all-around fabulous human being. His magick creations hold a power unlike any other and I know you will fall in love with them, just as I did many moons ago.

A spiritual treasure hunter, Momo ethically sources the most fabulous crystals and gemstones which are hand-crafted into timeless designs in Momo’s studio in Bali, Indonesia. Molten metal is his alchemy with his creations infused with an ancestral and tribal vibe, inspired by the natural world to bring forth pieces that feel truly alive.

Mercurious Designs creates carefree, rock ‘n roll, elemental and archetypal jewels, wands, and sculptures. All Momo’s work is of exceptional quality and makes for heirloom pieces for you to use in this life and the next.

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