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Please don’t burn down the house, okay?

Black candles, which are ruled by Saturn, can be potent in all forms of banishing magick, for leaving behind sorrow and bygone relationships, transforming grief and cutting cord (letting go) rituals. Black is a powerful color

Use my Black Spell Candles to cut ties and take back control of your own life. Perfect for those who are refusing to let go of negative thoughts that can make you feel like you are stuck in a rut and unable to move on.

My planet-proof candles* are infused with essential oils (Juniper, Lavender, Cedar) that will supercharge your ritual and help you get rid of sh*t.

Wrapped in “I put a spell on you” paper, making it a spellbinding gift.

Read more on Candle Magick below. * Please note our candles are naturally dyed, therefore they may not be inky black.

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Candle Magick

Candles have been used in spells and rituals since forever, they can absorb energy and then release that energy when burned. The act of burning is believed to connect the physical world to the spiritual realm

The colour of the candle is essential, as each colour contains specific energy and vibrations, which helps to focus the energy of the spell towards the desired outcome.

Saturday is the right day for banishing a negative situation, cutting cord rituals, and generally a good time to clean up any magical messes that you have been ignoring.

Essential oils provide a direct connection between the natural physical world and the spiritual plane because of it’s unique effects on the mind of the practitioner.

Juniper Berry oil. Juniper protects you from evil, hexes, negative energy, people who mean you harm and unwanted spirits.

Lavender oil. Lavender is used in magick rituals for its calming, sedative and peacemaking effects. Lavender helps you connect with the higher realms.

Cedar. Cedar Wood is an excellent purification oil. It is often used in a cleansing ritual. It is strongly protective and dispels negative energies and entities. It is a fantastic tool to use in banishing rituals. Read more below.

Black Spell Candle:
Handmade by a project for women empowerment
100% green palm wax*
Certified Fair Trade
Juniper, Cedar & Lavender essential oils
Burning time: 8-9 hours
Cotton wick, stable flame, no smoke, no residue
2 candles in a bundle, 24 cm long. A black string and my Magick Patchouli Incense stick.

*Made from the purest non-GMO wax from fruit berries of the palm oil tree. This same high-quality palm tree oil can be found in cosmetics and is super safe. Palm Wax is made just like essential oils simply pressed and distilled.
Handmade and fair trade from Indonesia. The production of my candles is done by hand, this way offering a guaranteed job for as many people as possible. Eighty percent of the employees are female. The company is WFTO certified.

Mme Formtastica’s Cutting Cord Spell

Cord-cutting is a simple ritual to remove, dissolve, and heal the emotional or energetic energy that has become attached to you.

What you’ll need:
2 candle holders
2 black candles
1 piece of black string

What you do:
Create a sacred space: a place that is quiet and peaceful. Make it your own sanctuary. play ritual music, burn Palo Santo, get your favourite crystal out or use some essential oils. Most importantly: make it a safe place for you.

Before you start your ritual protect yourself with the divine white light meditation:

“Imagine that there is a protective divine white light shining around your body, almost as if you are glowing. This light can keep you safe right now from stress, tension, worries, and other problems that have seemed to bother you. Picture in your mind being surrounded by light. It may be warm. it may be cool. However it glows, Feel how calm, and secure you feel as this protective light surrounds you. The light is like a shield, deflecting anything that is not good. It is like armour that can protect you and help you to feel completely at ease. Imagine your body being surrounded by your protective light. From your head to your feet.”

Set up the candles side by side with apps. 10 cm in between. Make sure that it is clear to you who the candles represent. You can carve names/initials into them, or you can put photos of the people (or energies) that they represent under the candleholder.

Tie the string so that it connects the two candles. Make sure that it is fastened around each candle and that there is a line of string in between the candles that connects them both. The string should be tied low, at 2/3rd of the candles. If you use our HOF candles you can work with the string that comes with the candles.

Say: “This string represents the ties that bind me to (name the person or energy). We are still connected, but soon, this shall be no more.”

Light the candles. Say: “As the candles burn, and the connections are cut, our ties shall be no more.”

Let the candles burn down when the flame of one of the candles finally burns through the cord

Say: “Our ties are now cut. Gone are our connections. I release the ties that bind. I claim that which is mine. I move forward in light and freedom. May our paths never cross again and our ties never be remade. With this intent, so shall it be.”

Let the candles burn down completely to seal the spell. Remove the candles and the remains of the string. Keep the two candles separate, and get rid of them in different places.

How to do a simple Candle Magick Ritual
– Light a candle appropriate for your need
– Write your intention on a piece of paper
– Let the paper burn in the flame
– As the candle burns, your wish transcends up and into the universe
– Allow the candle to completely burn out sealing your wish

You may also want to place relevant crystals, herbs, or flowers around your candle to amplify the right vibes.

For the advanced spell casters “Anointing the Candle”
Prior to performing any spell, the candle can be anointed. This is typically done with a small amount of spell oil such as my Jezebel Oil or any oil you prefer. Rubbing oil on the candle with your fingertips infuses the candle with your energy and intention. Start in the middle of the candle and rub oil toward the top and then toward the base.

Use candles to bring greater focus to your energy-healing work.
Inner Peace is the best investment for World Peace. Before lighting your candle, please take a few moments for a short meditation. The light of the candle will be dedicated to yourself and to all sentient living beings. To your wish to think and act purely. To heal which needs to be healed. To your wish to purify your spirit. You may also direct your attention and your wish to one or more chakras and to specific wishes for yourself and others. By doing this, you will help yourself and the world, just from within.

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