Mme N.

— Endorra of the Eye

My Mantra? Every day is magical!  But how rude, I have not yet introduced myself. I go by the name of Madame Formtastica, brought into this world to share my love of luscious and magical goods, my effortless good taste, and my knowledge of the future.

Indeed, I am gifted through the age-old tradition of the Tarot, so come aboard and let’s see what your future holds. A Reading is a wonderful way to glean insights into your life and find resolutions to obstacles you have faced, are facing, or will face in the time to come.


My brick & mortar shop is closed but I feel a mystical connection. Are you yearning for crystal ball chronicles? Browse my online boudoir or call me for a personal Tarot Reading in Amsterdam.

+31 6 28 76 70 78 

Mystics, gypsies, dreamers, and witches, I await your message.

With love, Madame Formtastica