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Your Custom Medicine Amulet by Mme Formtastica


A personal service by Madame Formtastica

Many ancient practices used sacred herbs, plants, and crystals to guide positive energy into our physical and spiritual beings. My Medicine Amulet is specifically created for your needs. Each amulet contains a handcrafted blend of botanicals, and crystals, and has intentions set upon it with my magick. For you to wear every day or on a special occasion.

Depending upon what intentions you wish to set upon your Amulet I will choose the Amulet colour which best aligns with that magick, be it gold, red, black, or green. Scroll down to read more..

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I will handcraft your Medicine Amulet in my witchy atelier. It will be specific to you and your needs. It will contain a blend of sacred botanicals and metaphysically aligned crystals. Before it leaves my sacred space I will imbue upon it the intentions you wish to be set and infuse it with all my magick.

Do you wish to find love? Improve your financial situation? Bring luck into your life? Create a protective ward around you to repel negative energy? Tell me what you need in the notes section of the Checkout page. I will contact you for additional information on your request following your order.

The making of your Amulet will begin within 3 days after ordering and then the crafting and intention-setting work itself takes 5-7 days.

Blessed be,


Madame Formtastica