Your Custom Medicine Amulet by Mme Formtastica


Are you seeking love, protection, or help with healing? Let’s get your vibration high and manifest those desires!

Behold the Power of Amulet Magick. My Medicine Amulet is a powerful spellwork that I specifically created for your needs. I handcraft each amulet with a unique blend of sacred botanicals and metaphysically aligned crystals and imbue it with intentions set upon it with my magick in my witchy atelier.

Allow yourself to be guided by the energy of the universe and choose the color of your Medicine Amulet that resonates with the intention you wish to manifest. Does your heart yearn for love or self-love? Opt for the passionate red. Seeking protection from negative energy? Allow the mystical power of black to shield you. The green amulet will work with you to manifest wealth and abundance. And let the radiant gold amulet attract all sorts of luck into your life. Scroll down to read more..


Do you wish to find love, improve your financial situation, bring luck into your life, or create a protective ward around you to repel negative energy? I will handcraft an amulet specific to your needs.

After I’ve received your order I will contact you for additional information on your request.

The making of your Medicine Amulet begins within 3 days following our conversation, and the crafting and intention-setting work itself takes 5-7 days. You will receive your order by mail.

Blessed be,


Madame Formtastica

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Black, Gold, Green, Red