The Blessed Temple Bangles


Wear your blessings.

Introducing the original Buddhist Temple Bangles from Thailand, a mystical charm that embodies prosperity and luck.

These exquisite bangles are filled with gold leaf powder, a precious element that carries the sacred essence of countless prayers offered in the temples of Asia. Each speck of gold holds the blessings and wishes of individuals, forming a collective energy of luck and prosperity. And here’s the extra enchantment: these bangles are made with the leftovers that the monks in the temples collect after prayers. Talk about a divine recycling program!

Made from flexible synthetic tubes, they are as light as a feather, making them comfortable and effortless to wear. No need to worry about your daily activities, as these bangles are waterproof, lotionproof, and even massageproof. They’ve got you covered in all situations, so you can keep rocking that mystical vibe 24/7.

Each bracelet is sealed with a special mantra on the connector, adding an extra dose of meaning and magick. “เมตตามหานิยม” translates to “Love,” infusing your journey with affection, while “โชคลาภ” represents “Luck,” ensuring good fortune follows you wherever you go. It’s like having a secret spell right on your wrist!

Price per piece. Stack up the Temple Bangles for that divine look. Read more about the good cause you support below:


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Certificate of authenticity available. Handmade in Thailand. One size (diameter appr. 60/62mm)

And here’s a special bonus: when you buy these bangles you donate to help the temple, the monks gift you these blessed bracelets as a token of their appreciation. So, not only will you be adorned with these beautiful and powerful Temple Bangles, but you’ll also be part of a greater cause, supporting the temple community and spreading positive vibes.

Can you feel the connection to the spiritual realms and the embrace of divine blessings? These extraordinary Temple Bangles are waiting for you, ready to bring prosperity, luck, and a touch of sacred magick to your life. Get ready to shine and make a difference!

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