Your Custom Spell by Mme Formtastica


A personal service by Madame Formtastica

Think hard before you commit to this, you may just get what you wish for. If you require an extra boost of magick energy to help you in your life then I can craft and cast a highly personalised spell for you. It can be for financial, romantic or emotional help, or to even banish negative energy or people from your life. 

Following the spell casting, I will personally send you a crystal I used during the spell, a photo of the spell ceremony and a scroll with the details of the spell and energy I created for you.

In stock


White magick only in my house. All my spells are unique to the individual and come with an intuitively picked crystal which is metaphysically aligned to your needs.

Think about what you want:

  • To attract your soul mate
  • Create a more abundant life
  • Find that perfect job
  • Start or improve your business
  • Let go of moods, people or situations
  • Gain more confidence

After I have performed your spell you will receive the crystal, infused with your specific wish by post. Your crystal comes with an explainer on how you can continue to work with this crystal and add your willpower to the spell.

The spellwork will be started within 3 days after ordering and then the spell work itself will take 7 days. Tell me what magick you need in the notes section of the Checkout page. I will contact you for additional information on your request following your order.

Blessed be.

Madame Formtastica