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Your Custom Candle Magick by Mme Formtastica


Are you looking for a sorceress who can perform candle magick for you? Well, your search ends here.

Welcome to my special candle magick ritual, meticulously crafted just for you in the enchanting space of my witchy workshop.

Simply pick the color that resonates with your desires. The passionate red candle ignites the flame of love. The mystical black candle acts as a shield against negativity, banishing it from your path. The green candle brings in blessings of wealth and abundance. The golden candle lights up your space, inviting healing vibrations from the universe. The blue candle enhances your connection with guardian angels, offering divine guidance and support. And then there’s the cheerful yellow candle.

Your dreams are within your grasp. So, why wait? Secure your candle ritual now and let the magic unfold! ┊┊☽ Keep scrolling for more information!


RED ┊┊☽ The passionate red candle is like a fiery love potion, igniting the flame of passion within you and reminding you to love yourself and others. Embrace the power of red and let it light up your life with love!

BLACK ┊┊☽ The mystical black candle is like a powerful superhero cape, protecting you from negative energy and keeping you safe from harm. It’s like having your own personal bodyguard, only this one comes in candle form!

GREEN ┊┊☽ The green candle is the symbol of growth and prosperity, beckoning the blessings of wealth and abundance into your life. Imagine green energy as a money tree, providing you with the resources you need to achieve your dreams.

GOLD┊┊☽ The radiant gold candle is like a beacon of light, illuminating your path and inviting the healing vibrations of the universe to envelop and uplift you. Embrace the golden energy and let it shine a light on your journey toward healing and self-discovery.

BLUE ┊┊☽ The blue candle, holds the power to strengthen your bond with your guardian angels. It’s like having a direct line to the spiritual realm, allowing you to connect with your angels and receive divine guidance and support.

YELLOW ┊┊☽ the joyous yellow candle is the happy-go-lucky choice, radiating with an abundance of luck to enhance your life with good fortune. Think of it as a burst of sunshine in a candle, bringing happiness and positivity into your life.

Behold, the undeniable power of candle magick – a force that harnesses the power of the flame, drawing in the energy of the universe to manifest your deepest desires and transform your reality.

Select your favorite magical color and let me create a custom candle ritual just for you. I’ll harness the universe’s energy to manifest your special wishes!

When you order my Spell Candle Magick service, I’ll start crafting your personalized candle within three days. I will tune into your energy and wishes when I begin the ritual, so you are not required to take any action. The powerful candle-burning ritual, a core part of this service, usually spans 5-7 days. Expect to see tangible results about a week after the ritual begins.

Please keep in mind that this ritual doesn’t include sending a physical product to your address. It’s a budget-friendly offering designed to bring your desires to life without extra communication.

With love & magick,


Madame Formtastica

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Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Red, Yellow


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