Red Spell Candle Bundle (love & passion)


My Red Spell Candles for Lovely Magick.

Candles have been used in Pagan and Wiccan spells and rituals since forever, they can absorb energy and then release that energy when burned. The colour of the candle is essential, as each colour contains specific energy and vibrations unique to that colour, which helps to focus the energy of the spell towards the desired outcome.

Red candles, which are ruled by planet Mars, will be your lovely magical tool to attract a new love story into your life and for willpower or sexy rituals.

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As this candle burns, by the power of three, so true love will come to me.”


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My planet proof candles are infused with essential oils that will supercharge your ritual and help you obtain the desired outcome:

Cinnamon oil is quite effective in spicing things up in your love life.

Nutmeg oil  is used in magick rituals to enhance your concentration. Nutmeg helps you connect with the higher realms by making your dreams more intense and colorful.

Clove Oil. This spicy herb is used frequently in spells for lust and protection. Clove stirs the spirit into action. It brings the message of moving forward, making things happen, and achieving as much spirit as you can.

How to do a simple Candle Magick Ritual
– Light a candle appropriate for your need
– Write your intention on a piece of paper
– Let the paper burn in the flame
– As the candle burns, your wish transcends up and into the universe
– Allow the candle to completely burn out sealing your wish

For the advanced spell casters “Anointing the Candle”
Prior to performing any spell, the candle can be anointed. This is typically done with a small amount of spell oil such as my Jezebel Oil or any oil you prefer. Rubbing oil on the candle with your fingertips infuses the candle with your energy and intention. Start in the middle of the candle and rub oil toward the top and then toward the base.

Friday is the best day to perform love spells, because it’s ruled by Venus, the goddess of love.

Red Spell Candle:

100% green palm wax
Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Clove essential oils
Burning time: 8-9 hours
Cotton wick, stable flame, no smoke
2 candles in a bundle, 24 cm long

It is made from the purest non-GMO food quality wax. 100% pure natural Palm Wax is made from fruit berries of the palm oil tree. This same high-quality palm tree oil can be found in hand lotions, shampoos, and cosmetics. Palm Wax is made just like essential oils simply pressed and distilled.

Handmade and fair trade from Indonesia
These stearin (palm oil) candles are handmade in Indonesia and produced from sustainable resources. By using certified palm oil and durable packing materials, these candles are an environment-friendly product. Production of the candles is done by hand, in this way offering a guaranteed job for as many people as possible. Eighty percent of the employees are female. The company is WFTO certified.

Inner Peace is the best investment for World Peace.

Before lighting your candle, please take a few moments for a short meditation. The light of the candle wil be dedicated to your Self and to all sentient living beings. To your wish to think and act purely. To heal which need to be healed. To your wish to purify your spirit. You may also direct your attention and your wish to one or more chakras and to specific wishes for yourself and others. Doing this, you will help yourself and the world, just from within.


100% pure natural Palm Wax is made from fruit berries of the palm oil tree. This same high quality palm tree oil can be found in hand lotions, shampoos and cosmetics. It’s the purest non-GMO food quality wax. Palm Wax is made just like essential oils simply pressed and distilled. Soy and paraffin candles involve solvent extraction using petroleum chemicals like hexane.

Use chakra candles to bring greater focus to your energy healing work. Cleanse and balance the chakras often to promote wellness in body, mind and spirit.

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