Manifesting for Beginners – Nine Steps to Attracting a Life You Love


Manifest your way into a magical dream life.

Manifesting may feel like a new phenomenon with social media propelling it into pop culture status but the principles of the law of attraction are part of our ancient craft. At it’s core manifestation is the art of intentionally attracting something that you desire into your life.

A modern guide to manifesting, this book will help you nurture your relationship with the universe and with yourself so that you can be a magnet for positive energy. Each chapter is full of useful tips and easy exercises for you to try at home, from positive affirmations and actions to journaling prompts.

Victoria Jackson helps you manifest a life you love by blending soul, strategy, and spirituality.

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STEP 1: Visualize your future self
STEP 2: Set your intentions
STEP 3: Connect with the universe
STEP 4: Raise your vibrations
STEP 5: Embrace the energy of gratitude
STEP 6: Believe
STEP 7: Take action
STEP 8: Let go of the outcome
STEP 9: Pay attention to synchronicities and signs

Victoria Jackson is a certified mindset coach, EFT practitioner, and host of the #1 charting The Manifestation Collective podcast, teaching a global audience how to attract their goals and desires through the power of their thoughts.

As the founder of the popular website and online community, The Manifestation Collective, Victoria uses an easy-to-digest, no-nonsense approach to help people understand – and more importantly implement – the teachings of the law of attraction.
Victoria’s philosophy is to always look for ways in which we can meet the universe halfway by mixing soul, spirituality and of course, strategy.

Website: Instagram: @themanifestationcollective

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