Literally out of this world.

A cosmic stone for spiritual growth, Tektite nodules make perfect companions for psychic work. They thin the veil and placed under a pillow can aid lucid dreaming. Ideal for people seeking personal development and spiritual alignment.

A tektite is a rare form of glass, created when an asteroid strikes the earth, and terrestrial material is ejected from the impact crater. The superheated molten material starts to cool as it re-enters the atmosphere to form Tektites which can be found thousands of kilometres from the original impact. They are mainly found in certain strewn-fields on Earth such as Australasia, Central Europe, Ivory Coast, and North America.

A surprisingly powerful stone, Tektite can thin the veil between dimensions allowing you to effectively tap into your psychic abilities and enhance lucid dreaming. When used for meditation it is aligned to the Third Eye Chakra helping you connect to your own spirit and put you on a path of spiritual growth. It is a mind-expanding stone, perfect for personal development and raising your own vibrations.

Ideal for all those who dreamed of growing up to become an astronaut or celestial goddess.

We will intuitively pick your crystal for you. To do this we speak aloud your name, ask the universe which stone you need, and make the best selection for you personally. Average weight 7g, average height 2cm

House of Formlab Cabinet of Curious Crystals are hand-picked with a focus on their energy when held and their aesthetic beauty. 

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Dear Friend & Fellow Crystal Lover,

Thank you for discovering my cabinet of curious crystals. I choose each piece with care, love, and knowledge of these millennia-old marvels. History is trapped in these stones so I only pick a crystal if I feel it’s energy and look in awe at its beauty. If I love it, I know you will too.

Keep it safe, you are this precious crystal’s new guardian. It has survived massive tectonic pressure, chemical reactions and outlived the dinosaurs, your crystal’s journey is now in your hands. Be the keeper of its legacy.

With love and crystal infused blessings,

Madame Formtastica

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