HOF Amsterdam 01 Eau de Parfum


HOFamsterdam 01 eau de parfum contains only Iso E Super which makes it less a scent than a subtle, velvety effect that ebbs and flows on the skin.

You know that certain je ne sais quoi that attracts you to that handsome pirate or bodacious babe? Ever considered it could be their feromones? Working from that principle, Madame Formtastica concocted a limited-edition perfume that will leave you with a lingering scent of sexiness and smells unique to each wearer.

The wearer may not even be aware of it on themselves but they will notice its almost pheromonic effect on those around them. A truly fascinating fragrance with notes of sandalwood and cedar for either men or women.

The perfect gift for him, her, your lover or best friend.

Contains: 50 ml // Nose: Madame Formtastica

In stock (can be backordered)




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