Cleansing Waters Ceremony

I want to introduce you to an essential practice in my spiritual journey: A water cleanse ceremony for bath or shower. It’s a beautiful ritual that helps maintain spiritual hygiene and sets the perfect mindset for our magical work together.

To express my gratitude for joining me on this journey, I would love to share my sacred recipe for a cleansing bath with you. Consider it a token of appreciation from me to you.

water cleanse ceremony

Here’s what you’ll need:

Ingredients (Feel free to adjust as needed based on what you have available):

– White Sage (organic preferably)
– White candle
– 4 cups of rice milk
– 1 cup of (pink) salt
– ½ cup of activated charcoal
– A handful of Rosemary
– A handful of Fennel
– A handful of Rose petals
– 5-6 drops of sweet Cedar essential oil

Now, let’s get on with the ritual:

  1. Create a sacred ambience in your bathroom by burning some White Sage to purify the space and lighting a white candle to set a tranquil and sacred atmosphere.
  2. Prepare warm water, either in a bath or shower, ensuring it’s at a comfortable temperature for you.
  3. Before entering the water, take a moment to connect with the spirit of water. Set the intention to release any stagnant or negative energies, creating space for new and positive vibrations to enter your life.
  4. Begin adding the ingredients to the water, expressing gratitude for their unique properties and energetic contributions. You can either add them directly to the bath or create a mixture in a large bowl for the shower.
  5. As you add each ingredient, take a moment to thank the spirits associated with them. Embrace a sense of gratitude and appreciation for their presence in your cleansing ritual.
  6. Immerse yourself in the water, fully embracing its soothing and purifying sensations. Visualize and feel the water washing away any energetic baggage or attachments that no longer serve you. Release them with love and gratitude.

Now you’re ready to join us on this magical journey with us. Let’s explore the realms of spirituality, connect with like-minded souls, and uncover the depths of your own power.

Stay tuned for more enchanting updates, rituals, and surprises along the way. I am thrilled to have you here!

Madame Formtastica