Citrine Pendant for Abundance


A good luck money charm for you to wear, to manifest prosperity and good fortune.

Hark! I bring forth a powerful talisman of luck and prosperity. Behold, a Citrine point of radiant quality, nestled in the embrace of Sterling Silver.

This enchanted charm shall draw forth the riches of the universe and bestow upon you a bountiful harvest of wealth and fortune. Wear it close to your heart, and witness as it unlocks the doors to success and financial triumph.

Long ago, the ancient Greeks and Romans adorned their precious jewels with this gem, and granted it a name of great power – ‘The Merchant’s Stone’ or ‘The Success Stone’. For it is known to stimulate creativity, magnify energy, and manifest abundance.

So, heed my words, dear one. Let this Citrine pendant be thy guide to prosperity and good fortune. Trust in its magical properties, and let it draw you towards the riches that await thee.

Pendant with a polished Citrine stone set in 925 Sterling Silver. Note, the sizes may vary, but on average, they are 2-3 cm long. Read more below.


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Citrine is commonly associated with the zodiac signs of Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Libra. It is believed that these signs may benefit the most from the metaphysical properties of citrine, which include attracting wealth, promoting creativity, and enhancing confidence and self-expression. However, citrine can be beneficial for anyone, regardless of their zodiac sign, who seeks to manifest abundance and prosperity in their life.

Behold, the mystical House of Formlab and their Cabinet of Curious Crystals! Each precious gem, hand-picked with intuition and care, with your unique vibration in mind.

For these crystals are more than mere stones of beauty, but bearers of potent energy and enchantment. When held, they radiate with a palpable force, uplifting your spirit and guiding your path.

And as you gaze upon their mesmerizing aesthetic, know that they have been chosen for you, with great intention and purpose. So trust in the magic of these wondrous treasures, and allow them to illuminate your journey with their divine radiance.

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