Psychic Witch – A Beginners Guide


Becoming a powerful psychic witch.

Are you ready to unlock your psychic abilities and elevate your witchcraft into exciting new territory? This might be exactly the kind of book you’ve been looking for. Is it a sign?

It is an in-depth introduction to psychic work. This book is easy to understand for beginners but comprehensive and detailed enough for more advanced practitioners.

Mat Auryn reveals his most closely guarded tips, practices, and meditations for your magick and your senses to reach their full potential. Witchcraft and psychism are two sides of the same coin–they complement and strengthen one another. Psychic Witch provides everything you need to not only master the perception and manipulation of energy but also how to manifest your perceptions into instant magickal results.

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Mat Auryn is a renowned author, a witch an occult teacher. With decades of experience, Mat has been initiated into several esoteric orders and witchcraft traditions, allowing him to learn from some of the Craft’s most esteemed teachers and elders. Moreover, he serves as a High Priest in the Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft and teaches at Modern Witch University.

His work is proudly displayed at the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick, and he was the first recipient of the ‘Most Supportive Witch Award’ from Witch Way Magazine in recognition of his ongoing support and encouragement of others in the witchcraft community and for focusing on inclusivity within the Craft. He is the co-owner of the metaphysical shop Datura Trading, Co. and you can learn more about him and his work at or on instagram @MatAuryn

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