LUNA // Harness the Power of the Moon to Live Your Best Life


Luna magick

Tap into the transformative energy of the moon and unlock your true potential with LUNA by Tamara Driessen. This is the essential guide to harnessing the moon’s magical potential. By aligning yourself with the lunar phases and developing a deeper connection with the moon, you’ll gain balance and clarity, master the art of self-care, and develop a true sense of what you want.

LUNA includes moon rituals for every occasion, from crystals to tarot and meditation, that you can use during the moon’s cycles. Tamara guides you through New Moon Rituals to inspire new beginnings and positive life change, Waxing Moon Rituals to help you take action and achieve personal goals, Waning Moon Rituals to help you shed self-limiting beliefs, and Full Moon Rituals to promote abundance and help you thrive in life.

Set your intentions with LUNA.


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Illustrated hardback
Size 14.61 x 2.79 x 20.96 cm
288 Pages
Published January 2021

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