Vogel Crystal


Magickal healing crystal superpower?

These wands are a demonstration of the mastery needed to cut perfectly formed crystal tools. Highly sought after by crystal healers you may want to nab one before they are gone!

Marcel Vogel (1917-1991) was one of the great spiritual scientists. He worked in R&D for IBM for 27 years and developed the first liquid crystal displays. But his true calling was the study of the energy in plants, humans, crystals, and sacred geometry, working with medical doctors to perfect the ideal crystal healing tool – the Vogel Crystal.

These poured Quartz crystals are precision-cut, twelve-sided quartz crystals that are as powerful as they are accurate in their ability to collect, amplify and transmit the Universal Life Force. Laser-sharp and double terminated, these wands are utilised by crystal healers around the world for ‘extraction’ work, removing negative and toxic energy and entities from those requiring help.

These are tools for the serious crystal healing practitioner. Each crystal is unique in its power and will become a lifelong friend. But be aware, they are super sharp, so don’t poke your eye out.

12 sides – 5/7cm long

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Dear Friend & Fellow Crystal Lover,

Thank you for discovering my cabinet of curious crystals. I choose each piece with care, love, and knowledge of these millennia-old marvels. History is trapped in these stones so I only pick a crystal if I feel it’s energy and look in awe at its beauty. If I love it, I know you will too.

Keep it safe, you are this precious crystal’s new guardian. It has survived massive tectonic pressure, chemical reactions and outlived the dinosaurs, your crystal’s journey is now in your hands. Be the keeper of its legacy.

With love and crystal infused blessings,

Madame Formtastica

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