Let me take you on a journey through my cabinet of curious goods, where you’ll marvel at our wears and have your wildest dreams appear before your eyes.

Where 18th century French Pompadours ride upon dragon flies. Where anatomical studies are used to decorate boudoirs. Where a skull is your favourite companion and scientific experiments have been used to create your own intoxicating odeur.

But how rude, I have not introduced myself.

I go by the name of Madame Formtastica, brought into this world to share my love of luscious goods, my effortless good taste, and my knowledge of the future. Indeed, I am gifted through the age-old tradition of the Tarot, so come aboard and let’s see what your future holds. Together with my dearest friends, first mate, and fellow makers of good taste, it is my mission and my passion to curate and inspire.

My cabinet of curious goods is not what it seems, for my gorgeous goods are not merely on show.

They are meant to adorn your abode, become part of your attire, perhaps even penetrate your mere existence. Good coffee is what I’m talking about here matey.

Step into my store and you will find an eclectic array of items, each bearing its own story. From handprinted fabrics from the far East, to carefully crafted jewels from London. From artisanal illustrations to living, breathing botanical bliss. Goods to embellish your living quarters, goods to make you feel more at ease. And music. Always sweet music. Because this is my home, and it is my desire to share it with you.

So come all ye weird and wonderful, ye of big and little faith. Welcome you land lovers and water dwellers. Hello you masters of style, and you modern-day alchemists. Join me in my cabinet of curious goods. 

Madame Formtastica


From my boudoir