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Conscious Crazy Lace Tower from Mexico


A fountain of positive energy

High Vibes all the way, this XL Crazy Lace Agate Tower, consciously sourced from the mines of Chihuahua in Northern Mexico. This unique and substantial piece, weighing in at 2.4kg, is a celebration of nature’s artistry and a testament to sustainable practices.

The tower features a riot of intricate patterns and colors, capturing the essence of joy. Crazy Lace Agate is a visual delight, sure to rekindle your passion for life and infuse your space with positive energy.

Adding to its mesmerizing looks are the sparkling druzy pockets that glint and gleam, creating a dazzling display. This consciously sourced gem is a perfect blend of ethical procurement and natural beauty.

This stunning tower is not just a decorative piece; it’s a symbol of joy and sustainability. If you’re intrigued and want to see more, a video is available upon request. Just send us a DM on Instagram, and we’ll give you an exclusive glimpse into the beauty of this Crazy Lace Agate Tower. Guestimate is 30cm in height.

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Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate is a specific type of Agate found only in the region of Chihuahua, in Northern Mexico. The name “Crazy Lace” is in reference to its jazzy reds, orange, grey, black, brown, and white “lace” patterns. A chalcedony and microcrystalline mix, the special colours are generated by Iron and Aluminium inclusions when it formed over 65 million years ago.

“Fiesta!” Crazy Lace Agate is referred to as the “Laughter Stone” or the “Happy Lace” for its joyful vibes and hyper positive energy. It is low vibration, keeping you grounded while you let loose and enjoy life. As with most agates, it is a very good healing stone with the ability to balance your body and absorb emotional trauma.

Conscious Crystal Sourcing

At House of Formlab we always try to source our crystals in an ethically minded way. We only choose high-quality pieces and work with trusted and reputable suppliers who also take ethics in the crystal supply chain very seriously.

Many of our suppliers buy directly from the mines and they undertake regular site visits during buying trips to ensure working conditions and low impact environmental protections are as claimed. None of our suppliers knowingly buy from mines with any child labour, poor or dangerous working conditions. Certain countries are known for dubious practices and we avoid sourcing from those regions.

Often crystals are not what the miners are digging for. More often than not they are byproducts found alongside more valuable elements such as are used in our mobile phones and TVs. This makes supply chains complicated but where we can we avoid minerals and crystals known to come from this type of operation.

Certificates are often hard to come by. There is still no overarching governing body that certifies crystals in the same way as diamonds are now tracked and certified – mainly due to the difference in value. The more outcry there is, the more chance is idea will gain traction. So keep asking and campaigning for ethically sourced crystals and together we can change the crystal universe.

Buying crystals is a learning process. We will make mistakes, everyone does, but rest assured we are trying our best to make the right choices and provide you with the crystal you can be proud of.

Intuitively Chosen

We use our intuition to choose a piece we feel is calling us for you – a piece that is absolutely meant to be yours. We are huge believers in the crystal chooses the owner, not the other way around.

We do our best to make sure that the listing photos and information accurately depict what we have available so you have an idea of what is coming your way, but the rest is up to the universe.

With crystal-infused love,

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