Labradorite Mystic Meditation Stones


Flashes of fire and ice dance across these vibrant, mystic meditation stones.

If you’re facing an existential crisis or seeking a higher state of consciousness, Labradorite is your mystical ally. Dive into parallel planes, astral projection, tap into shamanic healing, and embrace grounding and creative energies. It’s the ideal stone for aura protection and interdimensional magick.

Native to Canada Labradorite, is a crystal with unique powers. Its dark surface comes alive with brilliant flashes of iridescent light, reminiscent of the Northern Lights.

Labradorite is associated with the throat, third eye and crown chakras, zodiac signs of Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius and vibrates to the number 6. Each Labradorite stone weighs approximately 90-120g and measures 5-7cm in length, all hand-selected for their stunning flash. Read more on working with Labradorite below.

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Working with Labradorite.

Labradorite is the ideal stone for embracing new beginnings and enhancing your full/new moon rituals. If you’re unsure about conducting a moon ritual, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

My guides will help lead the way.

Labradorite is a truly mystical stone

known for its transformative and protective properties. It’s a stone of magic, awakening within you mystical and magical abilities and psychic powers. Often referred to as the ‘Stone of Transformation’, Labradorite is superb for strengthening intuition and bringing about profound change.

This stone resonates powerfully with the throat chakra, the center of expression and communication. It encourages self-awareness and discovery, helping to reveal truths and layers of your inner self. Its energy is known for banishing fears and insecurities, strengthening trust in the universe and oneself.

Labradorite’s ability to shield the aura and cleanse it from negativity is one of its most celebrated properties. It creates a barrier that deflects unwanted energies, ensuring your personal energy field remains clear and balanced. This makes it an excellent stone for practitioners of magick, as it enhances the flow of energy between the physical and ethereal realms.

The stone’s connection with cosmic and mystical energies makes it ideal for working with during meditation, especially when looking to connect with higher realms or explore past-life recall. Its vibrant flashes of color stimulate the imagination, making it a great ally for artists, writers, and anyone in need of a creative boost.

In terms of physical healing, Labradorite is believed to aid in relieving stress and anxiety, regulate metabolism, and balance hormones. It’s a versatile stone that harmonizes with almost any intention or ritual, particularly those aimed at spiritual growth, psychic development, and exploring the unknown.

Conscious Crystal Sourcing

At House of Formlab we always try to source our crystals in an ethically minded way. We only choose high-quality pieces and work with trusted and reputable suppliers who also take ethics in the crystal supply chain very seriously.

Many of our suppliers buy directly from the mines and they undertake regular site visits during buying trips to ensure working conditions and low-impact environmental protections are as claimed. None of our suppliers knowingly buy from mines with any child labour, poor or dangerous working conditions. Certain countries are known for dubious practices and we avoid sourcing from those regions.

Often crystals are not what the miners are digging for. More often than not they are byproducts found alongside more valuable elements such as are used in our mobile phones and TVs. This makes supply chains complicated but where we can we avoid minerals and crystals known to come from this type of operation.

Certificates are often hard to come by. There is still no overarching governing body that certifies crystals in the same way as diamonds are now tracked and certified – mainly due to the difference in value. The more outcry there is, the more chance is idea will gain traction. So keep asking and campaigning for ethically sourced crystals and together we can change the crystal universe.

Buying crystals is a learning process. We will make mistakes, everyone does, but rest assured we are trying our best to make the right choices and provide you with the crystal you can be proud of.

With crystal infused love,

Madame Formtastica

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