Step-by-Step Guide: How to Perform a Full Moon Ritual

Your guide to performing a Full Moon Ritual.

Moon Magick

Here at House of Formlab we frequently get asked how to perform a Full Moon Ritual, so we put together this easy step-by-step guide to help you to:

  • Perform your first ritual
  • Understand which crystals to use
  • Create affirmations to help you let go of any negative energy that’s holding you back
House of Formlab Full Moon Ritual Guide

You can follow the instructions on this page or download our guide if you would like a simple printed guide to follow as you perform your ritual. The download also comes with a checklist and space to write your affirmations. This exclusive resource is available for members of the Cosmic Connection with a Supreme Sorceress account. Gain access not only to this invaluable guide but also to a treasure trove of tools, enlightening masterclasses, and a supportive community of kindred spirits.

What is a Full Moon Ritual?

A Full Moon Ritual is a simple ceremony undertaken during a full moon when you tap into lunar powers to help you let go of negativity and problems, and recharge your spiritual and emotional batteries. It is a very healing ritual that helps to bring soothing, refreshing and purposeful energy into your life.

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Checklist: What you will need for a Full Moon Ritual

  • A Crystal (Labradorite, Moonstone, Selenite or Clear Quartz – see below to understand which crystal is best for your ritual)
  • Palo Santo
  • Heatproof dish
  • Matches or other fire-making device
  • Pen
  • Paper (or download this guide)
  • Oracle Cards (optional)
  • Candle (optional)
  • Hot cup of steaming tea (optional but kind of nice)

Run through your checklist before you begin to ensure you have all the items you will need close at hand.


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– Full Moon Ritual: Step-by-Step Guide –


The best time to perform a Full Moon Ritual in the evening, once the sun has begun to set.

full moon crystal magick kit

Step 1: Create Your Sacred Space

Find a spot in your home where you can sit comfortably and peacefully. Place in front of you a piece of paper, pen, your chosen crystal(s), and a deck of Oracle Cards (optional). You could add a candle (optional) if you wish to help create a calming space. Light your Palo Santo and allow it to burn a little before blowing out the flame. Waft the smoke from the smouldering Palo Santo around your space, not forgetting the corners. Think about the ritual you are about to perform and how positive and happy you will feel afterwards, this sets the energy in the room. Place the smouldering Palo Santo in a heatproof dish and set aside.

If you wish, brew yourself a hot cup of tea (Ginger is particularly potent for this type of ritual) and prepare to begin.

Step 2: Meditate

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Try to allow your mind to be calm and for ideas and thoughts to pass before you as if they are leaves drifting on a gentle stream. After a few minutes open your eyes.

Step 3: Time to Write

Using the pen and paper make a list of affirmations. This should be all those things in your life you wish to release with this moon cycle. It could be negative thoughts or behaviour patterns, addictions, situations, people, bad energy or anything you wish to let go of. For example:

  • I release myself from ….
  • I cleanse myself of ….
  • I free myself of ….
  • I forgive myself for ….

Step 4: Speak to the Universe

When you are ready, place your chosen crystal into the palm of your left hand to connect it to your heart. Read aloud to the full moon your list of affirmations, the things you wish to let go of – cast them out into the universe, set them free. Feel the refreshment that this brings.

Take a moment to feel those negative emotions slip away. Feel refreshed by the void they leave that you can fill with fresh energy and positivity. Make a promise to take take care of yourself.

Step 5: Reflect

Now that you have performed your ritual it is time to allow the energy you have created to surround you. Sip on your hot tea, hold your crystal, draw an Oracle card for extra direction or insight on how to keep your positive energy flowing. Try to keep your crystal with you that evening, place on a bedside table or under your pillow, then the next morning pop it near a window so that it can recharge and remind you that you have already let go of those negative things should they pop back into your mind.


A Full Moon Ritual should be fun, a point of reflection, a time to cleanse and recharge your soul.

House of Formlab Selenite Crescent Moon Bowl

You can do it alone or with a friend. You can adapt it, add in your own personal elements, dance naked in the moonlight, take a salt bath, burn your list, Sage your space before beginning to banish stagnant energy, use a feather to waft the Palo Santo smoke, or even record your ritual for YouTube! Just enjoy it. Tag us @house_of_formlab so we can celebrate your personal Full Moon Rituals with you.

Which crystals to use for Moon Rituals?

The best crystals to use for a Full & New Moon Ritual are Labradorite, Moonstone, Selenite and Clear Quartz. They all connect you to lunar energy and help to complete the cycle and let go of any negative energy that is holding you back, channel clear intentions, and manifest your dreams.


Labradorite is said to contain the fire of the Northern Lights. It is considered the ultimate stone of Magick and provides you with protection as you move forward and manifest your intentions. Labradorite also enables you to follow through with positive transformations in your life. It is great for enhancing natural psychic abilities allowing you to hear your Guardians guidance. Look for the iridescent flash on the surface of the stone and hold your focus on its magical beauty as you set your intentions. Let its energy recharge your reserves.

House of Formlab Labradorite Meditation Stones


Moonstone is obviously one of the best crystals to use for a Full Moon Ritual. It helps you to harness lunar energy and align with the Divine Feminine, letting you explore your natural gifts of empathy, intuition, and sixth sense. You may already know the answers to the questions you ask, Moonstone will help you to explore and trust your own intuition.

Rainbow Moonstone Pocket Stones


Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene and will help you unleash your own natural goddess energy. It gently nurtures your soul and helps you open up your heart so that you can connect on a spiritual level. It brings lunar light to your ritual, emitting gentle vibrations of peace, harmony and truth. Selenite will help you to dispel negative thoughts as you speak your cleansing affirmations.

House of Formlab Selenite Altar

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz represents purity, healing and power. This crystal will add a power boost to your moon magick. Clear Quartz is a master healer, allowing you to cleanse, recover, rebuild and reprogram your thinking. It will give you a boost of self-confidence. Hold this crystal in your hand and imbue your affirmations or intentions into it during a Moon Ritual then place it near a window in your home to let its high vibration light energy help you manifest new positivity on a daily basis.

Clear Quartz Points for Crystal Grid.

You can also use Amethyst to help open psychic channels but also protect you as you sleep following a Full Moon Ritual. If you are seeking guidance from the ancients then working with an Elestial Quartz or Lemurian during a New Moon Ritual can help you access locked away information more easily and can amplify the power of your intentions and thus make manifesting your goals easier to achieve.

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