Clear Quartz Cluster from Brazil


Discover your true destiny and purpose and find the courage to seek it.

The best Clear Quartz comes from Brazil, which is where this baby comes from. With gem clear points, male and female terminations, it is a high vibe Clear Quartz Cluster from Brazil will adorn your home.

If you are using it for spiritual work then you can transfer your intentions to your Clear Quartz Cluster then use it to ask the universe to help manifest the changes you wish to make in your life. It will open you up to better understanding and accessing your intuitions and give you enlightenment into your true path. Infinitely programmable this crystal is here to work for you.

Our beautiful Clear Quartz Cluster from Brazil weighs 1.4Kg, its length is 19.5cm, it is almost 10cm deep, and 8cm high to its top termination. We can send more pictures on request.

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Clear Quartz

Quartz comes from the Greek word “ice” as they believed it was a form of permanent unthawable ice, while for the Japanese it symbolizes space, purity, and patience, and in South America, it is a vessel for the soul.

One of the most powerful healing crystals it is also programmable, allowing you to transfer your intentions, amplify and manifest them. It can alter our perceptions showing us enlightenment and reducing negativity. Holding this crystal unblocks energy flows for deep healing and mental clarity.

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Weight 1.4 kg