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DIY purification

If you need a shift in the energy vibrations of your life then Shungite will call to you. These tumbled Shungite Pocket stones are perfect for making purifying water-based Elixirs, simply pop in your favourite water bottle and drink its benefits.

Shungite is at its best when used to calm fitful or disturbed sleep by dampening electromagnetic fields from electronics that you may have in your bedroom such as a mobile phone, TV or radio. Shungite discharges negative energy that you have accumulated through the day thus reducing anxiety and stress. Place your Shungite on top of your mobile phone before bed to dampen its field and discourage you from picking up your phone at 1am!

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The term “shungite” itself is used to describe a mineraloid which consists of more than 98% carbon. Shungite has been used as a folk remedy since the 18th century, with its name derived from the village Shunga, in Karelia, Russia where it was first discovered. Its ability to purify water has long been known with Peter the Great setting up Russia’s first Spa in Karelia and its anti-bacterial properties have been proven with modern-day testing. Most Shungite comes from Russian Precambrian deposits of fossilised organic material from ancient seas.

Shungite is an extremely purifying mineral that can be used in water to make a ritual purification Elixer. It is also said to dampen electromagnetic fields caused by modern electronics. A veritable powerhouse it kills negative vibrations and clears the energy in any space. Often used to reduce bad vibes, stress, and anxiety, place it near your bed to help you discharge any negative energy from your day.

Ideal for those suffering from fitful, disturbed sleep. You can use this tumbled stone to create your own magick purification Elixers. Shungite is used in the paint pigment “carbon black,” and it can sometimes leave a mark on surfaces when rubbed or scratched.

Dimensions: Average weight 10g

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Conscious Crystal Sourcing

At House of Formlab we always try to source our crystals in an ethically minded way. We only choose high-quality pieces and work with trusted and reputable suppliers who also take ethics in the crystal supply chain very seriously.

Many of our suppliers buy directly from the mines and they undertake regular site visits during buying trips to ensure working conditions and low impact environmental protections are as claimed. None of our suppliers knowingly buy from mines with any child labour, poor or dangerous working conditions. Certain countries are known for dubious practices and we avoid sourcing from those regions.

Often crystals are not what the miners are digging for. More often than not they are byproducts found alongside more valuable elements such as are used in our mobile phones and TVs. This makes supply chains complicated but where we can we avoid minerals and crystals known to come from this type of operation.

Certificates are often hard to come by. There is still no overarching governing body which certifies crystals in the same way as diamonds are now tracked and certified – mainly due to the difference in value. The more outcry there is, the more chance is idea will gain traction. So keep asking and campaigning for ethically sourced crystals and together we can change the crystal universe.

Buying crystals is a learning process. We will make mistakes, everyone does, but rest assured we are trying our best to make the right choices and provide you with the crystal you can be proud of.

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