Elemental Empath Oracle Deck


Discover the Divine Feminine magick within.

Unlock your transformative power of self-love and healing with the Elemental Empath Oracle Deck. Crafted by the creatress of Soul Art, Miyuki Rose, this indie deck of 52 Element-themed Cards is your compass to empowerment.The ultimate Goddess Oracle Cards if you ask me.

A celestial flow of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Cosmos awaits in each card, all wrapped in a premium magnetic box. Embrace the wisdom within, and let this deck guide you through life’s mysteries. Made from recycled paper and soy ink, it’s a touch of divine eco-conscious elegance. Read more below>>

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About the Deck & Creator

The Elemental Empath oracle is more than just a card deck. It’s a journey crafted by the artistic and empathic guide, Miyuki Rose. You may recognize her enchanting style from the Soul Art Instagram account, where she creates “Self-love art for magical beings,” infusing each portrait with a touch of mystique and a goddesslike finish. Her passion and magick resonate within this special deck, inviting you to explore and embrace the art of self-love.

A lifelong artist with a heart rooted in inclusive and trauma-informed healing, Miyuki has poured her soul into this unique set. Designed for empathic women on a healing path, this deck resonates with the powerful energies of:

  • Earth – For body and planet
  • Water – For emotions and moon’s embrace
  • Fire – For power and sun’s radiance
  • Air – For mind and sky’s expanse
  • Cosmos – For spirit and stars’ mystique

What’s Inside

  • 52 magical Element-themed Cards
  • Premium Magnetic Box
  • Premium 270-Page Companion Guidebook, a treasure trove of self-love, healing, and empowerment insights
  • Gold gilding on the Cards
  • Bonus Card with free Empath meditation
  • Eco-friendly charm with recycled paper and soy ink

How to Use

Whether you seek personal enlightenment or wish to uplift others in workshops and women’s circles, this deck is your ethereal guide. Each card’s stunning artwork whispers secrets of divine feminine magick and encourages you to reclaim your power. Dance with the elements, embody self-love, and allow this oracle to become an integral part of your spiritual practice.

Flow with the Elemental Empath Oracle, and let Miyuki Rose’s magical healing set lead you to a place of balance, beauty, and brilliance.

Tarot is having a moment. And with more artists than ever bringing forth new versions of the classic Tarot, it’s never been easier to unleash your inner reader and find a deck that sings to you! Whether you’re a witchy mama looking for something a little more macabre, or a Kundalini goddess in search of some high vibes, there is a deck out there with your name on it.

We at HOF make it our mission to curate the most simplistic yet rich, odd but captivating, and 100% far-out awesomeness indie Tarot, Oracle, Healing and Meditation Decks out there.

So-called indie decks are designed by independent illustrators and designers. The decks are produced in small batches and a great deal of attention is paid to the quality of the paper, print & boxes. This makes the price point often higher than cards offered by a large publisher. Often they are funded through crowdfunding and we at HOF back these makers with respect & pre-orders. We love supporting entrepreneurs, makers, designers, illustrators and soul sisters on their journey.



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