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Peruvian magick

Our Ispalla Incense Peru is hand-worked incense from communities in Northern Peru using only 100% sustainably harvested sacred plants and natural resins. This incense is ideal to use during self-care practices such as Reiki, Yoga and meditation as well as for ceremonies and rituals.

You can choose from 4 ceremonial incense options:
– Palo Santo
– Palo Santo & Copal
– Palo Santo & Rosemary
– Palo Santo & Myrrh
See below for information about the properties and uses of each sacred plant/resin.

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Palo Santo
“Holy Wood” in Spanish, Palo Santo is a wild tree with a strong spirit used for thousands of years by Shamans in South America to heal bring good well-being and add positive energy/blessings to a space. It has a citrus aroma which helps to calm the mind.

Perfect for Sun magick rituals, Rosemary can be used for purification rites making it ideal for home cleansing. This herb has strong ties with the Roman goddess Venus. Make an offering of rosemary if you are seeking her favour.

A ceremonial resin was once considered as sacred by Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico and Central America. You can use Copal to bless a sacred space, clear out stagnant energy and create a warm and loving space. It has a pine aroma and helps to enhance concentration as well as bring peace and harmony.

Myrrh is tree sap which has been used by ancient Egyptian royalty and many religions alike. Altars dedicated to the Goddess Isis burn Myrrh as an offering, perfect for working with your inner goddess. Myrrh is used to heal emotional wounds, and bring spiritual balance into life after great upheaval. It can be used during grief to honour loved ones as well as to bless new life.

Product specifications:

– Ispalla is a 100% sustainably harvested and ecological product. Worked hand in hand with the communities of northern Peru.
– No species of tree is cut to obtain these incenses. They go through a strict selection and collection process to avoid indiscriminate felling of trees.
– Each pack contains 10 sticks of incense
– One stick burns for approximately 15-20 minutes. They may need to be re-lit during burning as they do not contain the same chemicals as commercial incense, they contain only resin and sacred plants.
– No toxic ingredients, no child labour, or animal by-products.

How to Smudge & Smoke Cleanse

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Palo Santo, Palo Santo & Copal, Palo Santo & Myrrh, Palo Santo & Rosemary