Soul Connection Card


As you step into our Cosmic Connection family, the universe offers you a precious card, infused with the very essence of your soul’s purpose and the magick you possess within.

This is your moment to receive your personal message from the universe, delivered right to your cosmic doorstep (yep, like a mystical postman). And I promise you, this isn’t your ordinary hocus-pocus!

🗝️ This Initiation Card is the key that unlocks the hidden knowledge of your soul, unveiling the sacred path of your spiritual journey. Think of it as discovering a treasure map leading you to your very own enchanted realm.

With this card, you’ll receive a profound message and assignment, illuminating your path and guiding you towards your soul’s purpose. It’s your invitation to delve deeper into your spiritual practice and create a profound connection with your spirit team. (This offering is for members of the Cosmic Connection Coven only)

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Once you’ve ordered your Soul Connection Card, I’ll perform the card pulling within a week and deliver the message to you via email. Keep this message close to your heart, and don’t forget to write it in your journal, as it will be your guiding light for your enchanting journey in the coven.

It is important to note that this ritual does not involve the delivery of a physical product to your address.


Blessed be,


Madame Formtastica

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Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Red, Yellow


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