The Moldavite Phenomenon

What’s the “deal” with Moldavite?

At least once a day we get asked if we have any Moldavite (yes we do!). This sudden craze for Moldavite has been driven by videos on TikTok with peeps detailing how it has changed their life. Not only has this skyrocketed the price of Moldavite but it has also created a market in fake Moldavite.

So if you are a curious creature or want to take a trip down the rabbit hole, then join me for a little 101 guide to the phenomenon that is Moldavite.

Moldavite’s Metaphysical Properties

Moldavite is used to help spark great life transformations with its unique high vibration energy field. It generates a “fizzy” vibe, a bit like a spine tingle, which unlocks your ability to identify and follow through on positive change. Moldavite is a powerful tool for your spiritual journey, taking you to a higher state of consciousness and activating your psychic antenna. Since ancient times it has been used as a talisman of good luck as it was believed to grant wishes.

How to Use Moldavite

We always ask our clients “what do you want it to do for you?”

If you would like to use it for activating your psychic abilities or achieving a higher state of consciousness then we would suggest a loose piece of Moldavite which you can use during your meditations. Place it in the palm of your hand, try not to grip it, give it some air, and focus on the energy it produces. Some people feel as though it’s super heavy, others get a spine tingle, but however you respond to the Moldavite’s energy, it’s usually an odd experience.

House of Formlab Moldavite Pendant from Czech Republic

If you want it to spark a big life change then we would recommend wearing it. An open-backed pendant works best for this as it allows the Moldavite to touch your skin for maximum connection to the stone. However, it’s very important to take the Moldavite off at night and place it in a room away from your bedroom. It is such a high vibe stone it can cause vivid dreams, disturb your sleep, and leave you feeling exhausted. Wear it daily until you feel it has served its purpose.

House of Formlab Moldavite Pendant from Czech Republic

A word of caution when using Moldavite – this stone is on a mission! It accepts your challenge to change your life but this means it’s gonna shout about it. If you don’t listen or you ignore it, it will either feel like something heavy weighing on your shoulders or literally something knocking on your head until you listen. It’s a proactive crystal so prepare yourself.

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a tektite, of olive-green natural glass formed by terrestrial debris being ejected during an ancient meteorite impact.

Born in the fires of a cosmic event, Moldavite’s story is as intriguing as its metaphysical energy. About 15 million years ago a meteorite crashed to Earth with the impact of 1.8 million Hiroshima bombs creating the enormous Nördlinger Ries impact crater in Bavaria, Germany. Sand and mineral-rich earth was superheated, thrust up into the atmosphere, and fell back down as tektites about 450km away from the original impact site in Bohemia, the modern-day Czech Republic. This intense heating and cooling created the magickal olive-green tektite we know as Moldavite.

How to Spot Real vs Fake Moldavite

Real Moldavite will be light to dark olive-green in colour and have inclusions of both bubbles AND worm-like strands called lechatelierite. Fake Moldavite may also have bubbles but it won’t have the lechatelierite strands.

Below are images of typical bubbles and inclusions of lechatelierite in natural moldavite; image width 5 mm. Photomicrograph by Jaroslav Hyršl.

House of Formlab Real vs Fake Moldavite Example of Natural Inclusions in Real Moldavite

Unfortunately, the only way to check accurately for the lechatelierite strands is to slice the Moldavite so you can see the internal inclusions. Buying faceted gemstone Moldavite pieces makes it easier to identify, but for this, you will need a jewellers loop or a microscope.

Much of the fake Moldavite on the market right now is being produced in China. They use green glass which contains bubbles similar to real Moldavite, and then etch the surface with acid to reproduce the surface marking indicative of Moldavite. It often looks wet or shiny but this is not 100% accurate as real Moldavite can be shiny or matte.

Below is an image of one of two huge moldavite fakes seen in Hanoi. Photo by Jaroslav Hyršl.

House of Formlab Real vs Fake Moldavite Example of Fake Moldavite

Where to buy Moldavite?

The prices for Moldavite are now so high that if you see a piece that seems cheap then the chances are it’s fake. Most of the pieces we have seen on AliExpress are fake, and much of the Etsy pieces too, although there are still a few good retailers on there.

So how do we know ours is real? Our Moldavite comes directly to us from 2 sources:

  1. A wholesaler that we trust 100% from a small stockpile of Moldavite they had long before the TikTok craze.
  2. We buy directly from trusted mines in the Czech Republic. We validate that it has indeed come directly from the Czech Republic with tracked shipping and import paperwork, and we always buy faceted pieces so we can check the inclusions ourselves. If in doubt, slice, and dice to double-check! So far all our pieces are the correct colour and have natural inclusions of bubbles and worm-like lechatelierite.

What has scared us the most on this journey to find our clients legit and reasonably priced Moldavite has been the willingness of other retailers to buy fake or “replica” Moldavite. Always buy from a trusted retailer and don’t be afraid to ask questions!


I hope you enjoyed your little foray with me into the weird, wicked, and wonderful world of Moldavite. Feel free to leave comments below about your experiences with Moldavite.

If you have any questions about the Moldavite we stock at House of Formlab or are interested in purchasing a piece you can take a look at our Moldavite pendants here or for loose single pieces contact us via Insta DM @house_of_formlab or email us at

With love and cosmic blessings,

Madame Formtastica