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Moldavite Pendant // From Czech Republic


The cosmic wayfinder

Need to empower some change in your life? Moldavite may just be the cosmic talisman that you’ve been looking for.

Moldavite is used to help spark great life transformations with its unique high vibration energy field. It generates a “fizzy” vibe, a bit like a spine tingle, which unlocks your ability to identify and follow through on positive change. Moldavite is a powerful tool for your spiritual journey, taking you to a higher state of consciousness and activating your psychic antenna. Since ancient times it has been used as a talisman of good luck as it was believed to grant wishes. (Read more about Moldavite below)

Our beautiful Moldavite Pendants are sourced direct from the Czach Republic and are set in 925 Sterling Silver claw mounts with an open back. This allows the Moldavite to touch your skin for maximum connection to the stone. Each Moldavite pendant is unique and we will intuitively choose one for you by speaking your name and asking the stone if it will work for you.

Please note this pendant comes without a chain.

We also have a selection of loose Moldavite and golden Libyan Glass. If you would like to work with us to select a loose piece you can contact

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Born in the fires of a cosmic impact, Moldavite’s story is as intriguing as its metaphysical energy. About 15 million years ago a meteorite crashed to Earth with the impact of 1.8 million Hiroshima bombs creating the enormous Nördlinger Ries impact crater in Bavaria, Germany. Sand and mineral-rich earth was superheated and fell back down about 450km away from the original impact site in Bohemia, the modern-day Czech Republic. This intense heating and cooling created the magickal olive-green tektite we know as Moldavite.

The craze on TikTok now, Moldavite has increased in price rapidly and this has created a market in glass fakes, etched with acid being produced in China. Our Moldavite comes directly to us from the Czech Republic and has the correct colour, natural inclusions of bubbles and worm-like lechatelierite.