A Supreme Love Spell

Vibe with a love that truly matches the deepest wishes of your heart

Our quest for love is a deeply spiritual journey, seeking that profound connection that speaks to the very essence of who we are. So, if you’re on the hunt to vibe with a love that truly matches your heart’s deepest wishes, I’ve got just the thing. 

This love spell is low-key powerful, a perfect mix of gentle and potent, ready to call in the grand adventure of love and that sacred connection we’re all secretly (or not-so-secretly) longing for.

a love spell supreme by mme formtastica

Here’s the starter pack you’ll need:

– A piece of paper (bonus points if it’s pink)

– A red love spell candle 

– A rose quartz pyramid

– A dash of cinnamon


Cosmic Connection is an online community led by Madame Formtastica, where you can freely explore your spirituality and connect with like-minded (baby) witches.

love spell supreme



Step 1: Create Your Zen Zone

Artesanal Herbal Incense - Love come to me (Lavender & Rose)

Kick things off by crafting a chill, sacred vibe where you can totally focus. Throw on some tunes that speak to your soul, whip up a heartwarming cup of cocoa, dive into a little meditation sesh, and light some ‘Love Come To Me’ incense to set the mood. Then, spark up that red love spell candle to get the flames of passion and desire dancing. Once you’re feeling all kinds of ready, move on to the magic-making.

Step 2: Pen Down Your Love Vibes

Grab that piece of paper and start jotting down the traits of the love you’re calling into your life. This part’s crucial, so keep it real and dive deep. What does “soulmate material” look like to you? What’s your idea of a sacred bond? Embrace the raw, real you and get into what deep connections mean on your terms. It’s all about sending out those heartfelt vibes to the universe, so take your time and really pour your essence into every word. Once you’re done, fold it up three times, seal it with a love-packed kiss.

rose quartz pyramid banner

Step 3: Boost Your Request

Now, place that rose quartz pyramid right on top of your love letter to the universe. This little pink gem is all about love, channeling vibes of unconditional affection and heart connections. It’s like your desires get supercharged through the pyramid’s tip, shooting straight into the cosmic web with clarity and power. (Quick side note: pyramids are like manifesting amplifiers, focusing and magnifying your intentions to the max.)

Step 4: Cinnamon Magick

Here’s where it gets spicy. Take a pinch of cinnamon, hold it in your palm, and with all the intention in your heart, blow it over your paper, candle, and pyramid setup. Cinnamon’s not just for lattes—it’s a magnet for attraction, and paired with your breath (aka your life force), it’s about to turbocharge your spell, injecting it with an irresistible pull.

Step 5: Visualize & Release

Okay, close those eyes and picture your dream partner scenario. Imagine all the feels—how they look, their vibe, even their scent. Picture the two of you together, living your best life. Feel the warmth of the candle, the solid vibe of the pyramid, and that sweet hint of cinnamon wrapping you up. Make it as vivid as you can, like they’re already chilling with you. Chat with them, even.

HEART illuStep 6: Let It Go With Love

To wrap it up, just let it out, “I open my heart to love and invite a partnership that’s all about my highest good. So mote it be.” Let the candle do its thing and burn down. Keep your rose quartz pyramid and your written wishes somewhere you can see them, a little reminder of your open heart and big dreams. To keep the vibes fresh, give it a new moon boost—cleanse your setup and hit it with some more cinnamon. Keep the magic alive until love literally shows up.


House of Formlab New Moon vs Full Moon Rituals Infographic

I hope you vibed with my ultimate love spell! Just a heads up, you’re totally welcome to join my witchy crew. Imagine working alongside me and a bunch of awesome witches as we bring our wildest dreams to life.

Madame Formtastica


By Madame Formtastica


Cosmic Connection is an online community led by Madame Formtastica, where you can freely explore your spirituality and connect with like-minded (baby) witches.