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I’m thrilled you’re seeking my guidance! The stars have aligned, and you’re on the path to becoming a spiritual powerhouse.

Choose between monthly or yearly memberships. Opt for the yearly subscription to journey through all four seasons of self-discovery and spiritual growth. This option offers two months free, providing great savings.

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. A money-back guarantee is available within the first 10 days of subscribing; after this, membership fees become non-refundable. This allows you to confidently commit to your spiritual path.

Allow the Supreme Sorceress to take your hand, guiding you into realms unseen. It’s not just a membership; it’s your soul’s purpose calling!

Scroll down for the fine print of this membership. 

Please note that the doors are closed for this quarter. I will be opening the doors again soon, ready to welcome new members. Don’t miss this opportunity, leave your email below and receive an exclusive notification when we reopen.



So, what exactly is a coven?

 Madame Formtastica’s Coven, is designed to create a sense of unity and spiritual growth. A sanctuary where you can freely explore your spirituality and connect with like-minded souls, guided by the HOF’s head witch herself.


Get ready to have your mind blown by this membership!mushroom

Remember that longing you had for messages from the universe? Well, get ready to have a direct line to cosmic wisdom! You’ll receive answers to your burning questions as if the universe itself slid into your DMs. Talk about VIP access to the cosmic hotline!

I know the solo ride has been a bit like wandering in a haunted forest, but fear not! In my Coven, you’ll finally find those genuine connections and friendships you’ve been desperately seeking. It’s time to wave goodbye to loneliness and say hello to a sisterhood that will have your back.

With me, your voice won’t be silenced. Your experiences will be cherished like precious spell ingredients, and your journey will be celebrated like a victorious broomstick race. Get ready to feel that deep sense of belonging, where you’ll fit in like a perfectly brewed potion.

And guess what? You won’t have to stumble through the magical maze alone! I’ll be your trusted guide, offering support and guidance every step of the way. Think of me as your magical GPS, helping you navigate through spells, rituals, and all things magical.

Brace yourself for a daily dose of inspiration! Each day, you’ll receive magical prompts to spice up your everyday rituals. It’s like having a sorcerer’s apprentice whispering spell ideas in your ear.

My community is bursting with conversations, insights, and sisterhood support. It’s like a virtual cauldron bubbling with laughter, wisdom, and inside jokes that will make your broomstick wobble with delight.

Do you know what’s truly bewitching? Being surrounded by wise women who can lift you higher than a levitating potion. With their inspiration and guidance, there’s nothing you can’t achieve! It’s like having a cheering section of witches chanting spells of success just for you.

Now, close your eyes and picture this: every month, you’ll delve into ancient rituals, master new spells, and unlock the hidden realms of mysticism. It’s like being the chosen one of witchcraft, armed with a magick wand, ready to create powerful shifts in your life (and that of others)

I’ve created this community to help you flow effortlessly with the cosmic tides. Together, we’ll manifest your desires with the ease of a seasoned sorceress and experience transformations so profound, they’ll make Merlin himself do a double take. It’s all within reach. Welcome to the witchy side! 

Let me summarize the membership for you.

  • Exclusive access to the vibrant online coven
  • A supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your spiritual journey
  • Monthly curated themes inspired by seasons and spiritual events
  • Theme-based spells, rituals, and manifestations crafted by Madame Formtastica
  • Access to an ever-growing archive of previous rituals to revisit and deepen your practice
  • Live check-ins for exploring the theme, card readings and Q&A sessions
  • Dive into in-depth courses and how-to guides on various aspects of magick, expanding your knowledge and skills
  • Level up your skills with exclusive masterclasses led by renowned experts.
  • Explore my comprehensive crystal library, discovering the spiritual properties and uses of crystals.
  • Curated playlists for enhancing your rituals with healing, love, abundance, protection, and more.
  • Exclusive perks, first dibs on unique crystals, discounts, and special offers.
  • This membership is designed for both seasoned sorceresses and baby witches alike.
  • Available on desktop, iOS & Android app

Join my coven today, but be warned: Your light is about to shine so bright that it will magnetise an avalanche of pure goodness your way! Get ready to embrace the incredible blessings that await you.

💫 Money-Back Guarantee: I am confident in the transformative power of our membership, which is why we offer a 10-day money-back guarantee. Simply engage in the activities and immerse yourself in the experience, and if you’re not satisfied, send an email to support@houseofformlab with your order number and reason for dissatisfaction. We’ll take care of your request and gladly refund your investment.

It’s not just a membership; it’s a calling, a destiny, a cosmic embrace. With your guides cheering you on and offering a cosmic high-five, you are ready to conquer this cosmic escapade like an absolute boss babe!

Madame Formtastica

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