Tiger’s Eye Meditation Stones


Eye of the tiger baby!

Use these natural Tiger’s Eye meditation stones to ramp up your inner confidence and become the warrior you were always meant to be. Throw off those comfy house pants, halt your Netflix binge-watching and get motivated to reach your goals. A talisman of protection, it will help you release your fears and find your courage.

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Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a golden, brown crystal with a “chatoyancy” or “cats-eye” effect created by optical reflection. Golden tigers eye is natural whereas red tigers eye has had a gentle heat treatment. The banding in tigers eye comes from the compact layers of Amphibole fibres which over time have become shiny golden limonite, an iron ore mineral within the Quartz structure.

Tiger’s Eye has been used since Roman times as a talisman of protection to ward off curses and the “evil eye.” Its golden hues radiate strong and bold masculine energy which is extremely balancing, promoting harmony in the bearer. Known to represent honour and integrity this crystal helps you release your fears and find your courage. Through its ancient wisdom, it radiates optimism and self-confidence, aiding in motivating even the most sloth-like person. Its golden solar energy ramps up desires and revives flagging libidos. Used as a meditation stone it connects to the Solar Plexus Chakra opening up your personal power to become the warrior you were meant to be.

We will intuitively pick your crystal for you. To do this we speak aloud your name, ask the universe which stone you need, and make the best selection for you personally.

All crystals at my house are hand-picked by me, with a focus on their energy and beauty. Each crystal is cleansed and charged under the moonlight.

At House of Formlab, we always try to source our crystals in an ethically minded way. We only choose high-quality pieces and work with trusted and reputable suppliers who also take ethics in the crystal supply chain very seriously.

With love and crystal infused blessings,

Madame Formtastica

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