Why I work with talismans and you should too.

Let me share my thoughts about talisman magick.

If you’re new to the practice, you might not think you’re familiar with a talisman. But have you ever worn a necklace for good luck or rubbed a rabbit’s foot before a job interview? If so, you’ve already tapped into the power of a talisman! While these examples might seem like simple superstitions, they actually stem from a deeper truth.

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What’s a talisman?

A talisman, in its simplest form, is an object that you’ve chosen to direct energy into or imbue with a specific intention. Here at my House, I take this practice one step further by using beautiful pieces of crystals and jewelry as talismans. By charging these objects with your intentions or emotions, you create powerful tools to manifest your desires. Every time you look at your talisman, it serves as a reminder of your original intention, helping to program your subconscious and making your desires more likely to come true!

Talismans are found in many different traditions, each with its own methods and beliefs about how to create them. Even non-magickal traditions and religions have their own versions of talismans. Think of the intricate crosses and coins engraved with saints’ portraits or the four-leaf clover as a modern symbol of luck.

In witchcraft, we use talismans to focus and enhance the energy of rituals and spells.

I charge them under the light of the full moon, anoint them with essential oils, or bless them with chants and incantations.

My strong belief is that the person using the talisman should charge it with their own intentions. This personal connection is what makes the talisman truly powerful.

A talisman can be anything that resonates with your intention. It might be a family heirloom, a crystal, or, my personal favorite, a beautiful piece of crystal jewelry. The important thing is that it feels right for your intention. For instance, you wouldn’t choose a knife to bring good luck or improve your relationships! Instead, something like a rose quartz or The Lovers card from the tarot would be perfect for focusing your intention on love and harmony.

Amulet Witchcraft

Using a talisman is one of the most effective forms of magick.

Here are some of my favorite crystals for talisman jewelry:

🔮 Citrine: Known as the “Merchant’s Stone,” it invites abundance and success into your life.  

🔮 Herkimer Diamond: This radiant gem amps up your spiritual energy and brings clarity.  

🔮 Carnelian: Need a confidence and courage boost? Carnelian’s fiery energy has you covered.  

🔮 Morganite: Perfect for heart healing, Morganite opens you up to unconditional love and compassion.

Curious about which crystal suits your needs? Check out the full list of crystal properties in my library to find your perfect match.

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My pro-witch tip

To supercharge your talisman’s effectiveness, wave it through the smoke of incense or palo santo before wearing it. Hold the jewel in your hand, tune into the power of Source, and ask for your amulet to work for you. If you have a specific wish or goal, mention it. Leave your jewel on your altar for 24 hours with a burning candle. After that, express your gratitude and wear your new power tool.

Amulet Witchcraft


These talismans help us channel our intentions and manifest our deepest desires. Embrace the magick, empower yourself, and let your talisman guide and protect you on your journey. Remember, the power of a talisman comes from the intention and energy you put into it.

When you need some superpowers I am here to help; My Medicine Amulet is a powerful spellwork that I specifically created for your needs. I handcraft each amulet with a unique blend of sacred botanicals and metaphysically aligned crystals and imbue it with intentions set upon it with my magick in my witchy atelier. 

Stay sparkling, stay empowered, and keep that magick flowing!

With all my love,

Madame Formtastica


By Madame Formtastica