You can now buy Certified Organic White Sages Bundles in my shop

NEW: Certified Organic White Sage Bundles from California

Like many of you, I have been finding it hard to find a consistent supply of sustainable and ethical white sage. After scouring the globe I am stoked to let you know I have found you some Certified Organic White Sage Bundles from California.

These new Organic White Sage Bundles for smudging or smoke cleansing come from a small family-owned and operated farm in San Diego County, California and is the ONLY Certified Organic grower of white sage in the United States. Growing white sage is actually very difficult, it requires excellent drainage and just the right amount of sun, which is why this farm is located where white sage grows naturally, in the high desert mountains. The farm is far away from urban areas and is free from environmental pollutants. The white sage is grown in the fresh air of the mountains and nurtured with naturally occurring mineral-rich water.

I have been lucky enough to guarantee a supply of this sustainably cultivated organic white sage just for you.

You can buy your Certified Organic White Sage Bundles here.

We try to keep our stock levels steady, but if for any reason we are out of stock please add your email to the waiting list and you will be notified the second it is back in the store.

Is White Sage Endangered?

White Sage is NOT endangered in contrary to what you might have heard but there are some big ongoing issues with the illegal harvest (stealing) of white sage from sacred lands in America where after one such incident, white sage was misreported as endangered. White Sage is not on the Endangered Species List but there are concerns about its vulnerability in the wild and on sacred lands in the US. All our white sage is sustainably farmed by reputable small businesses and our certified organic white sage is cultivated to the highest ethical and environmental standards.