Your Guide to the Best Crystals for Sleep

Prepare to sleep like a baby.

Are you sick of tossing and turning at night, picking up your smartphone, or hitting the fridge for a midnight feast – we’re not judging. We are here to help.

These are the best crystals for sleep and how to use them:


Best crystal if you have trouble getting to sleep

Amethyst is an amazing crystal to help you sleep like a baby. Its vibrations generate a deeply calming sensation helping to lull you off to sleep. As an added bonus it gives you psychic protection as you dream. Amethyst is extensively used as a crystal to combat stress and is the go-to crystal for sleep.

How to use Amethyst for sleep:
You can use Amethyst for sleep in a couple of ways; either pop a small tumbled Amethyst underneath your pillow or place a raw cluster of Amethyst on your bedside table. This is a very calming stone so don’t worry about it giving off too much energy in the space, so feel free to get a piece as big as you like. If you enjoy a relaxing soak in the bathtub before bedtime then pop a tumbled piece of Amethyst in the water with you to already benefit from its calming vibrations, getting you ready for blissful slumber.

Amethyst Cluster with Calcite Palm Crystal


Best crystal to calm an overactive mind

When you need your brain to just shut the hell up and let you go to sleep – Celestine is the crystal for you. It calms the mind and spirit and helps you to relax. It emits serene energy into a space encouraging you to relax as you enter your boudoir, setting you up for a more tranquil sleep.

How to use Celestine for sleep:
You should not place Celestine under your pillow, while its energy promotes serenity it is a high vibration crystal and may stimulate those who are very sensitive to energy fields. Place Celestine away from your bed so that its energy fills the room but isn’t too intense. A good spot is beside a window where it can also be recharged by the light of the full moon.

House of Formlab Celestine Cluster


Best crystal if you are suffering from fitful or disturbed sleep

Shungite is perfect if you have too many electronics such as a smartphone, TV, alarm clock, Kindle or power charger in your bedroom which may be disturbing your sleep. It dampens electromagnetic fields caused by modern electronics and is a veritable powerhouse, killing negative vibrations and clearing the energy in your bedroom. Often used to reduce stress and anxiety it also helps you to discharge any negative energy you’ve been carrying around from your day

How to use Shungite for sleep:
You can use Shungite for sleep by placing a raw or polished piece of it on your bedside table. If you find its energy too much then move it away from the bed but directly next to any electronics you wish it to combat. Shungite pieces can also be used in water to make a drinkable purifying Elixier to rid you of negative vibes before bedtime. Do not use Shungite under your pillow – Shungite can leave black marks on surfaces and while it is easily washed away but you probably don’t want the hassle.

House of Formlab Shungite Pyramid


Best crystal if anxiety or stress is keeping you awake

Lepidolite is amazing at helping you to restore harmony and balance to your mind as well as soothe anxiety. Less anxiety and stress = better sleep. It is frequently used as a mood stabilizer (don’t we all need a bit of that) as it contains a high amount of lithium, which is also used in pharmaceutical anti-anxiety medication. Just don’t swallow your Lepidolite!

How to use Lepidolite for sleep:
To make the most of Lepidolite’s nurturing and calming energy pop one in a small bag and place it under your pillow at night. Its relaxed vibes will encourage emotional healing while you sleep and help reduce anxiety symptoms like frequent waking, jaw clenching etc. To really max out the power of this crystal, you can pop it in your bra during the day, if you are lucky enough to own a set of boobs, to help you stop getting wound up during the day – making sleeping at night much easier.

House of Formlab Lepidolite

Extra Tips & Tricks

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