Artisanal Herbal Incense – The Healer (Botanics)


Your natural ally in healing and rejuvenation.

Meet my Healing Incense, your go-to for some extra healing energy to support your self-care journey. Are you a healer? This incense is tailored to meet your needs, focusing on nurturing your spirit and amplifying your healing abilities.

Hand rolled with care, it features a mix of resin, myrrh resin, rose petals, cinnamon, rosemary, cedarwood, natural binder, charcoal, and salt. This combination is all-natural and toxin-free, ensuring a pure and therapeutic experience. The scent? Absolutely divine!

Each stick is a little healer, burning steadily for 2 whole hours(!) to fill your environment with a therapeutic aroma. Ideal for rituals of healing, meditation sessions, or any moment when you need a boost of healing energy and balance.

So, light up a stick and embrace the restorative power of my Healing Incense. It’s like a spiritual elixir in a stick, designed to rejuvenate your aura and maintain a harmonious, healed state of being. Check out my tips & tricks on smoke cleansing below.

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A special healing prayer for your incense ritual.

Light up your incense, close your eyes, and let these words guide you to a place of balance and serenity:

“Divine Universe, source of all light and love, I call upon your healing energies as I light this sacred incense.

With each fragrant swirl, may it cleanse my space, Sweep away negativity, leaving only grace.

Let this sacred smoke be a bridge to higher realms, A carrier of my intentions, with peace at the helm.

I ask for healing in body, mind, and soul, A return to wholeness, my ultimate goal.

May this incense carry away my fears and pain, Leaving behind a calm, like after gentle rain.

Bless me with strength, serenity, and love’s pure flow, Guide me on my journey, wherever I may go.

As this incense burns, so does my inner light, Growing ever stronger, shining ever bright.

So mote it be.”

Feel the magick in the air as you recite these words, letting the incense’s healing properties envelop you. Remember, you’re a powerful being capable of immense healing and growth.

How to Smudge & Smoke Cleanse
If you would like to learn more about how to perform your own Smudging and Smoke Cleansing Rituals you can visit my blog which also contains a free downloadable guide.
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Here’s to finding your balance and unlocking your inner peace!





Sagrada Madre is a family business dedicated to offering natural incense, working with Mother Earth through the conscientious use of ecological products while maintaining sustainability of resources and fair trade at all levels. In addition to charcoal, they use an odorless biomass based on fruit as a burning material. Every year, more than 100 tons of fruit biomass are discarded during industrial processing, such as making juices. Instead of wasting these materials, Sagrada Madre effectively reuses them in their incense.

Product specifications:
– Each package contains 4 sticks that burn for approximately 2 hours.
– Composition of Incense: resin, myrrh resin, rose petals, cinnamon, rosemary, cedarwood, natural binder, charcoal, and salt.
– Recycled carton packaging

The magical properties of these ingredients:

  1. Myrrh Resin: Myrrh is a powerful resin known for its purification and protection properties. It’s often used in spiritual and healing practices to promote meditation and deepen connection with the divine. Myrrh is believed to cleanse negative energy and foster a sense of tranquility and grounding.
  2. Rose Petals: Roses are not just beautiful; they’re packed with magical properties. They’re associated with love, healing, and protection. Rose petals can help open the heart chakra, attract positive energy, and enhance self-love and compassion. They’re also used in rituals to promote emotional balance and peace.
  3. Cinnamon: This spice is a powerhouse of magick! Cinnamon is known for its ability to attract prosperity, success, and love. It’s also a potent protector and can be used to speed up the effects of spells or rituals. Cinnamon’s warm energy is perfect for raising spiritual vibrations and enhancing psychic abilities.
  4. Rosemary: Rosemary is a versatile herb with protective and purifying qualities. It’s used in spells for memory, love, and mental clarity. Rosemary can also cleanse a space of negative energies and is often used in healing rituals.
  5. Cedarwood: Cedarwood is known for its grounding and stabilizing properties. It’s a powerful cleanser and protector, often used to ward off negative energy and create a safe, sacred space. Cedarwood can also promote healing and bring about a sense of inner peace and strength.
  6. Natural Binder: A natural binder in incense helps to hold the ingredients together and aids in the smooth burning of the incense. While it doesn’t have specific magical properties, it’s essential for the practical aspect of creating effective and consistent incense sticks.
  7. Charcoal: Charcoal is used in incense as a burning agent. It’s excellent for purifying and cleansing spaces. In magickal practices, charcoal can represent transformation and renewal, as it turns energy into a different form (heat and smoke).
  8. Salt: Salt is a powerful element in witchcraft and is known for its protective and purifying properties. It can cleanse spaces, objects, and even the aura. Salt is often used in rituals to create boundaries, ward off negative energies, and promote spiritual and physical well-being.

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