Artisanal Herbal Incense – Purification (Olibanum)


Your natural defender against spiritual grime.

This is your new hero in the fight against negative energy. Need to purify your space or just want to reset the vibes? Sagrada Madre Natural White Olibanum Incense is your answer.

Crafted in Argentina, it’s a natural blend of pure white olibanum resin, charcoal, and salt, all tied up with a plant-based binder. It’s clean, natural, and totally free of additives or toxins – just the good stuff. Plus, it smells amazing!

Each stick in the pack is a mini powerhouse, burning for a solid 45-55 minutes and filling your space with its purifying magic. Use it for cleansing rituals, banishing spells, meditations, or whenever you feel the need to clear the air and start fresh.

So, light up a stick and let Sagrada Madre work its magic. It’s like a spiritual detox in a stick, perfect for cleansing your aura and keeping your space feeling positive and pure. Check my tips & tricks on smoke cleansing below.

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Let’s talk about purification and magickal cleansing!

Imagine it as a canvas for your creativity, where you can play and explore different tools and techniques until you find what resonates with your soul. It’s all about tuning into your body and finding what feels right. Stay open, aware, and relaxed. Why not look back at your Ancestors’ ways and let your intuition be your guiding light?

Setting an intention for your cleanse is like planting a seed of magick. Choose words, sigils, or images that speak to your heart, and keep them close in your mind’s eye throughout your ritual. You can even whisper your intentions into the flame or smoke, breathing life into your chosen words.

For instance, you might say: “With this flame, I call forth clarity, strength, and harmony to cleanse this space. May tensions unwind, rough edges smooth out, and anything stagnant be swept away.”

Picture all the metaphysical dust and clutter lifting and leaving through the window, making room for herbs, grasses, flowers, and trees that embody your intention to grow, planting your ideas firmly in the space.

Always remember to keep things airy when you’re burning anything, especially during a cleanse. An open window isn’t just practical – it’s a gateway for the energy you’re shifting in your ritual to flow out, and it invites the winds to lend their powerful cleansing vibes.

Before you start your ritual, consider giving yourself and your space a good physical clean. It sets a pristine foundation, making the metaphysical cleanse even more potent. Think of it as aligning the physical and spiritual planes, creating a harmonious flow of energy.

How to Smudge & Smoke Cleanse
If you would like to learn more about how to perform your own Smudging and Smoke Cleansing Rituals you can visit my blog which also contains a free downloadable guide.
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Let’s make some magick happen, shall we?






Let’s explore the ancient history and origins of white olibanum, also known as frankincense.

This resin isn’t just a staple in modern witchy practices – it’s been a big deal for thousands of years!

Frankincense comes from the Boswellia tree, which is native to the Arabian Peninsula, including Oman, Yemen, and parts of Somalia and Ethiopia. These mystical trees thrive in dry, desert conditions, and their sap is what gives us this precious resin. When the bark of the Boswellia tree is cut, it oozes a milky-white sap that hardens into what we know as frankincense.

Frankincense has been a superstar since like, forever. We’re talking ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans all using it for religious and ceremonial purposes. The Egyptians were big fans – they used it in everything from perfumes to embalming practices. It was also a key ingredient in their famous kyphi incense, believed to induce a state of relaxation and spiritual upliftment.

The ancient Greeks and Romans weren’t about to be left out of the frankincense party. They used it in their religious rituals and believed it to be an offering worthy of the gods. In fact, frankincense was so prized that it was often valued as highly as gold and other precious commodities.

It’s Biblical fame? – frankincense is one of the gifts the Three Wise Men brought to baby Jesus, symbolizing its importance in spiritual and religious contexts.

Throughout history, frankincense has been a symbol of the divine and a tool for spiritual connection. Its use in sacred rituals across different cultures underscores its universal appeal and mystical properties.

Today, we’re keeping the legacy alive by incorporating white olibanum in our modern witchy practices. It’s like a magical link to our ancestors, a fragrant reminder of our rich spiritual heritage. So, next time you light up some frankincense, remember you’re part of a centuries-old tradition of mysticism and magick. How cool is that?

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