Artisanal Herbal Incense – Giftbox Prosperity


Your magnificent, magick-making, money magnet in a box!

Check out my Prosperity Gift Box, featuring the magick of Frankincense and Yagra, hand-crafted to generate a positive energetic environment for both spiritual and worldly prosperity. Lovingly rolled by hand in Argentina from 100% natural ingredients, this box is your key to unlocking true abundance.

Inside this prosperity-packed kit, you’ll discover:
– 3 Premium Olibanum/Yagra Smudge Bombs: Perfect for an intense energy cleanse and inviting in wealth vibes.
– 1 Olibanum/Yagra Smudge Stick: Your go-to for manifesting an atmosphere of abundance and positivity.
– 4 Olibanum/Yagra Incense Sticks: Ideal for daily rituals to keep prosperity flowing in your space.
– 1 Olibanum/Yagra Smudge Pyramid: A unique touch to amplify your prosperity intentions.

Whether manifesting your dreams or gifting a boost of abundance to a friend, this Prosperity Gift Box is your spiritual sidekick. It’s all about enhancing your space with the energy of wealth, success, and growth.

So, why wait? Get this kit for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, and start welcoming prosperity into your life. Keep on reading below.

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My Money Spell with an Olibanum/Yagra Smudge Pyramid

Materials Needed:
– Olibanum/Yagra Smudge Pyramid
– A small bowl or dish
– A green candle (for prosperity)
– A piece of paper and pen
– Optional: Crystals associated with wealth (like citrine or jade)


1. Set the Scene: Choose a quiet, undisturbed space for your ritual. Cleanse the area beforehand if needed.

2. Write Your Intentions: On the piece of paper, write down your specific financial goal with a number, such as “I attract an additional $1,000 each month with ease.”

3. Prepare Your Altar: Place the Olibanum/Yagra Smudge Pyramid in the small bowl or dish. Position your green candle on the right side of your altar, tapping into the divine masculine energy to supercharge the ritual. Arrange your crystals nearby if using.

4. Light the Smudge Pyramid: Carefully ignite the tip of the pyramid. Envision the smoke clearing away any financial blocks or negative energy.

5. Meditate and Visualize: Focus on the green candle’s flame. Picture yourself achieving your financial goal, feeling the joy and security it brings.

6. Recite the Money Spell:

“By Olibanum and Yagra’s powerful sight,
I summon abundance and financial light.
This pyramid’s smoke sets my wealth free,
Prosperity flows abundantly to me.”

7. Seal the Spell: Hold your written intention over the green candle’s flame, allowing it to catch fire (safely, in the bowl or dish). As it burns, imagine your intention being released to the universe.

8. Close the Ritual: Let the candle burn down, being mindful of safety. Express gratitude to the universe for the prosperity on its way. Keep the ashes of your intention as a reminder of your commitment.

With belief and focused energy, this money spell is a powerful tool to manifest financial success and abundance into your life.

Stay in your magick,

How to Smudge & Smoke Cleanse
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