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Mugwort is used as incense for magical practices such as spell work or divination and is said to enable connections to the other realms. Also known as Black Sage it has powerful natural antimicrobial properties. Often used to relax the mind and calm the body it has been traditionally burnt in smoke cleansing ceremonies or kept near the bed for protection while you sleep.

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How to smoke cleanse in a (nut)shell.

Open a window when you do indoor smoking so that the energy can flow away. Once you’ve cleansed a space, and the stagnant energy has been dispelled the space is left with a vacuum. At this point, it’s important to fill the space with the energy of love and white light. You don’t want your space filled with random energy that floats around, right?! You can burn your favourite incense, use an essential oil spray or light up a stick of fragrant Palo Santo and call in your desired energies.

Download our full Step-by-Step Guide to Smudging & Smoke Cleansing here >>

This bundle is approx. 14cm long.

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