Crystals for Healing

Are you wondering what crystals are good for healing?.

My Top 6 Healing Crystals

A lot of people have been wearing crystals and apart from being very fashionable , they also promise to usher many healing benefits. Let’s shed some light on the most popular healing crystals and the benefits they promise to provide.

  1. Clear Quartz- Also known as the master healer, the white crystal is known to amplify energy through the process of releasing, absorbing, storing and regulating. It is also said to help memory and concentration. Moreover, clear crystals are considered to have a medicinal impact on the immune system of the body and balance it out. Commonly this stone is also paired with other stones like rose quartz in order to amplify the benefits they provide.
  2. Rose Quartz-Living up to its colour, the rose quartz helps in restoring trust as well as harmony in relationships of all types, while improving the connections that are most intimate. It is also said to provide you with calmness and comfort during times of grief and depression.
  3. Jasper- Also known as a supreme nurturer, this smooth crystal helps you empower your spirit and provide you with support in times of overwhelming stress. It helps you live up to your complete potential. It also promotes quick thinking, confidence, courage and protects you from negative vibes.
  4. Obsidian- A stone that is your best protector against any and all negative vibes both physical and emotional, obsidian helps you get rid of emotional blockage and encourage within you qualities of clarity, compassion and strength. It helps you find a true sense of self within yourself. As far as your physical body is concerned, detoxification and help with digestion are some benefits that obsidian is known to provide.
  5. Moonstone- A soother of stress and emotional instability, the moonstone is a crystal that signifies inner strength and growth and is also considered the stone that marks new beginnings. Known to enhance good luck, success, inspiration and intuition, this stone is great for both matters of love, as well as business.
  6. Hematite- The perfect shield to adorn yourself with, this beautiful dark metallic grey crystal helps you bounce off negative vibes and psychic attacks. One of the most powerful stones that helps you with grounding, it allows you to focus your energy and approach tasks in the most balanced and ready manner.

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With love & crystal blessings,

Madame Formtastica