Artisanal Herbal Incense – Abundance in Love (Clove & Rose)


A spicy, passion-popping, love-flavor-boosting delight.

Hand rolled Clove and Rose Botanical Incense from Sagrada Madre – your go-to for calling in all the love and passion you could ever want. Handcrafted con amor in Argentina, this 100% unique natural incense is like a love potion in botanical form.

Feel the rich, spicy vibes of clove as it wraps your space in an aura of protection and empowerment, setting the stage for love to grow wildly and abundantly. Each stick of this potent incense crafts an atmosphere perfect for creating deep, meaningful connections.

Rose – the classic symbol of romance and heart openness. This incense fuses rose’s timeless charm with clove’s fiery spirit, making for a power couple that’s all about igniting passion, deepening bonds, and nurturing your heart.

Every pack’s got 6 sticks, giving you around 60 minutes of love-invoking fragrance per stick. Made from botanically grown goodies and a plant-based binder, Sagrada Madre keeps it real and natural.

So, light up a stick of our Clove and Rose Botanical Incense and let the love flow. It’s not just any incense; it’s your ritual for calling in love that’s deep, true, and oh-so-fulfilling. Keep on reading for a Love Spell.

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Abundance of Love & Passion Love Spell: Crafting Your Own Love Mojo Bag

What You Need:
– Love Abundance Incense (Rose & Clove, because yes, it smells amazing)
– A cute pouch or amulet bag
– Some pink or red ribbon (for those love vibes)
– Rose petals (because what’s love without roses?)
– Lavender buds (for that chill, relaxed feeling)
– A dash of spicy pepper powder (to spice things up)
– A few drops of my Jezebel oil
– A piece of rose quartz (love’s BFF)
– A piece of garnet or carnelian (because passion is key)
– Paper and pen (to jot down your love wishlist)

How to Do the Thing:

1. Intentions, Baby: Get that pen and paper, and write down your love goals. Dream big and be specific – the universe is listening!

2. Set the Mood: Find a cozy spot. Light up that Love Abundance Incense and let the rose and clove combo work its magick.

3. Make Your Love Mojo Bag: Pop open your pouch. Toss in those rose petals, lavender buds, a sprinkle of spicy pepper powder, and those love-stone buddies – rose quartz and garnet/carnelian.

4. Power Up with Intentions: Fold your love wishlist, annoint with a few Jezebel oil drops and place it in the pouch. Visualize your dream love life coming true.

5. Bless It with Incense:

Wave that pouch through the incense smoke and say:
“Roses and cloves, bring love close,
In this pouch, my wish I enclose.
Passion and love, come to me,
In abundance, so mote it be.”

6. Seal the Deal: Tie that pouch with your ribbon (a symbol of connection). Make it cute – it’s part of the charm.

7. Keep It Close: Sleep with it under your pillow, carry it, or place it where you can see it. It’s your love reminder.

8. Wrap It Up: Let the incense do its thing and burn out. Send a mental high-five to the universe for the love coming your way.

You just made a Love Mojo Bag with some serious vibes. Get ready for love and passion to knock on your door! 

Artesanal Sagrada Madre Botanical Incense

I’m so excited to introduce you to the enchanting world of Sagrada Madre Botanical Incense. This isn’t just any incense; it’s a 100% unique, natural treasure, lovingly handcrafted in the mystical land of Argentina. Imagine a magical blend of botanically grown flowers and herbs, each piece delicately bound together with a plant-based binder, creating a symphony of natural scents.

There’s more to this story. Sagrada Madre, in their deep respect for Mother Earth, uses a unique, odorless biomass made from fruit as a burning agent. It’s a beautiful cycle of life and rebirth – over 100 tons of fruit biomass, usually discarded during industrial processes like juice making, are transformed into this sacred incense. It’s not just incense; it’s a powerful statement of sustainability and love for our planet.

They only harvest older Palo Santo branches that have naturally fallen, ensuring harmony with nature. Sagrada Madre partners with indigenous communities in Peru and Argentina, planting more trees than they use, actively fighting deforestation, and nurturing our planet.

Every variety of Sagrada Madre incense is a testament to this commitment, each lovingly packaged in natural, attractive materials that echo their dedication to minimizing our environmental footprint. Lighting a stick of Sagrada Madre isn’t just about enjoying its divine aroma; it’s about being part of a greater movement, a circle of healing and care for our beautiful Earth.

Join me in embracing this magical creation, and let’s spread the love, light, and respect for nature that Sagrada Madre embodies.

Sending you waves of aromatic bliss and earthy connection,

Madame Formtastica







Product specifications:
– 6 sticks, burning time 60 minutes
– Pure natural herbal incense
– Recycled carton packaging

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