Florida Water XL – The Original Glass Bottle


Florida Water is known worldwide as a shamanic cleansing spirit water. It’s used by many indigenous healers, the Q’ero Paqo medicine people of Peru use it for its unique ability to clear heavy energy and cleanse the human light energy field and surrounding space. In Surinam it is used during ritual ceremonies for healing processes, opening sacred space, feeding sacred altars and healing baths.

Florida Water also doubles as a cleanser for crystals. Some crystals are stronger than others, and accordingly, need to be cleaned more or less frequently. Give your jewelry a regular cleanse with some of my Florida Water and they will buzz with energy.

I also use Florida Water at the start of most of my client sessions: it just helps to bring us into the room and get focused on the healing space we’re co-creating.

Or splash it on my hands to clear my energy when I’m working with the Tarot or before I start making my crystal ritual products.

When it comes to the term ‘all purpose,’ nothing beats Florida Water. I use it during spiritual house cleansings, when blessing my altar space, as an offering to the ancestors and land spirits, as a spiritual bath, in my floor wash or to purify any space where I’m feeling negative or heavy energy.

Nine different flowers and herbs go into this intoxicating essence. The uplifting fragrance and invigorating zingy citrus aroma awaken the senses, leaving you refreshed and revived. Its key ingredients include – citrus and herbal notes, along with spice and floral undertones of Bergamot, Neroli, Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon, Lavender, Rose, and Orange flower. When first applied, the uplifting citrus notes are most dominant, then the scent of  Clove lingers, leaving you with an incredibly appealing dry spice with the fresh zing left hanging in the air!

If you make your own potions, you can always use Florida Water as a base instead of spring water. It can be used for almost any positive spiritual purpose.

This is Florida Water XL in a glass bottle and contains 221ml.

(in the pink image I have used a smaller bottle just because it looked better 😉

There is some debate whether you should use the alcohol based Aqua de Florida or the cologne based Florida Water. Since I was raised in the Surinam Winti tradition I prefer Florida Water but that is solely based on my childhood memories. You should follow your intuition and choose accordingly. Blessings!

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